Disability certificate for Recruitment against Physically Handicapped Quota

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)II/2011/RC-2/6 Dated 10.04.2013
Circular Subject
Recruitment against Physically Handicapped Quota from open market – disability certificate regarding

            A number of references have been received from various sources regarding the non-acceptance of the applications/candidatures of persons with disabilities for not producing certificate of disability in a particular format for appointment on the Railways.

2. The matter has been examined, pursuant to the order dated 18.10.12 of the Court of Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities in Case Nos. 46, 52-55, 59/1121/12-13 and it has accordingly been decided that recruiting agencies should not insist on a particular format of disability certificate at the time of accepting the application/considering the candidature of the applicant, as the medical authority in different states are using different formats. Stipulation made vide Para 4 (i) of Board’s letter No E(NG)II/2006/RC-2/13 dated 17.09.2007, accordingly, is reiterated which state that Disability Certificate issued by Medical Board constituted either by Central or State Government is acceptable.

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