Issuance of medical card for Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme [ RELHS-97]

Railway Board Letter No
2005/H/28/1/RELHS dated 31-10-2005
Circular Subject
Issuance of medical card for joining Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme [ RELHS-97]


Difficulties have been expressed by retired railway staff and Association of Pensioners etc. in regard to early issuance of RELHS Card.  Keeping in view the problems faced  by such retired railway staff and with a view to minimize the time taken to issue such RELHS Cards etc., Board have decided that such retired staff who may opt for the scheme [ last date being 31-12-05] may be allowed to have / issue RELHS Card from the Personnel Department of division from which the retiree  is drawing post retirement passes.  The way-side station supervisors from where too such retirees may be drawing post retirement passes should better get such requests for RELHS Cards, collected and validate the last pay draw etc. from the records available with them and adduced by retirees and arrange to  send the same to Personnel Department of the Division for arranging a RELHS Card.  An advice to the zonal railway / division, from which the retiree staff actually retired about the issuance of this RELHS Card by some other division etc. may also be sent separately.


            All other terms and conditions contained in Board’s letter No. 97/H/28/1 dated 23-10-97, 17-5-99 and 27-12-99 and letters No. 2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 28-1-2005 and letter No. 2005/H/28/1/RELHS/Cont. dated 24-6-2005 will remain unaltered. 


The RELHS Card should also be signed by the incharge of the pass issuing authority ie. AEN/Area Manager/ASTE etc. as the case may be.


            Bank statement /certificate regarding the amount of pension and allowance drawn by the retiree may be considered as a valid document.

          This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.