Joining of RELHS, 97 on Technical resignation

Railway Board Letter No
2007/H/28/1/RELHS/Misc dated 30.11.2009
Circular Subject
Joining of RELHS, 97 – Technical resignation
Board’s letter No. F[E]III/86/PN1/5 dated 16.4.86

 1.         The matter regarding joining of Retired Railway Employees Liberalised Health Scheme, 97 [RELHS, 97] by Railway employees who submit resignation from Railway service on permanent absorption in PSUs had been under examination in Board’s office. 

2.         It has been decided that the resignation submitted by the Railway employees on permanent absorption in PSUs is to be taken as “Technical Resignation” and that they should be permitted to join RELHS-97 subject to fulfillment of the conditions prescribed in this regard.

3.         This issues with the concurrence of Finance Dte. of the Ministry of Railways.

4.         Accordingly, an Advance Correction Slip, as an amendment to Para 612 A[2] of IRMM-2000, is enclosed.


Advance Correction Slip to Para 612 A[2] of Indian Railway Medical Manual Third Edition, 2000

[2] Eligibility

            The following may be inserted as item [iv] under the existing sentence

“These orders are not applicable to those Railway servants who quit service by resignation.”

[iv]……However, the resignation tendered by Railway employees on permanent absorption in PSUs/Autonomous Bodies is treated as “technical resignation” and they will become entitled to enroll themselves as members of RELHS subject to fulfillment of the prescribed conditions.”

[Authority: Board’s ltr. No. 2007/H/28/1/RELHS/Misc dated 30.11.2009]