RELHS 97 made mandatory for all retiring Railway employees

Railway Board Letter No
2003/H/28/I/RELHS dated 08.04.2009
Circular Subject
Re-opening of Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme [RELHS-97]
Board’s letter No. 2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 16.03.2009


Replace the existing para 5 of Board’s letter  No. 2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 16.03.2009 with the following :


“5.       It has further been decided by the Board that joining of RELHS-97 may be made mandatory for all retiring Railway employees.  In case, the retiring officer / staff is unwilling to join the Scheme, he/she should clearly submit his/her unwillingness in writing in the declaration proforma along with reasons thereof, [Revised Annexure of Booklet containing Pension Forms].  As such, option /declaration proforma may be modified suitably.  The retiring Railway employees may also be explained that the certification of his / her unwillingness to join RELHS shall be treated as final and no further chance will be given to join the scheme thereafter.” 


            All other terms and conditions remain unaltered. 


            This issues with the concurrence of the Finance and Pay Commission Directorates of the Ministry of Railways.