RELHS-97 Minimum service condition in case of Dying in harness

Railway Board Letter No
2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 30-12-2005
Circular Subject
Retired Employees Liberalised Health Scheme [RELHS-97] - Clarification
Railway Board’s letter No. 86/H/6-2/21 dated 18-10-1994


            It is clarified that as per para 2 of Board’s letter No. 86/H/6-2/21 dated 18-10-1994, the condition of minimum of 20 years of qualifying service for joining RELHS-97 is not applicable in the case of medically invalidated employees  and the employees who die in harness.


            Railways may, therefore, act accordingly and permit such cases who intend to join RELHS-97 till 31-12-2005.


            All other terms and conditions contained in Board’s letter No. 2003/H/28/1/RELHS dated 28-1-2005 and 97/H/28/1 dated 23-10-97 and subsequent orders No. 97/H/28/1 dated  17-5-99 and 27-12-99 will remain unchanged.


            The above has the sanction of the President and issues with the concurrence of Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

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