Termination of Service and Technical Resignation

  • The rules for termination of service are elaborated in Chapter 3 (Termination of Service) of Indian Railway Establishment Code Vol I.
  • Permanent railway servants -Show cause notice is necessary for the termination of the service of permanent railway servants.
  • Temporary railway servants - For Temporary railway servants one month notice will apply if  he was engaged on a contract for a definite period and the contract does not provide for any other period of notice and a notice of 14 days if he was not engaged on a contract. Temporary railway servants with over three years continuous service, shall be entitled to a month notice. The periods of notice shall be applicable to either side.
  • Apprentices - The services of an apprentice can be terminated on one week notice, except otherwise provided in the service agreement.
  • Probationary officers and Group A & Group Brailway servants on Probation - 3 month notice.
  • Gazetted railway servants on probation in the Medical department - 1 month notice.
  • Group C and Group D railway servants on probation  -1 month notice.
  • These notices  are not required in cases of dismissal or removal as a disciplinary or compulsory retirement due to mental or physical incapacity. 
  • The services of a Railway staff can also be terminated without notice or a shorter notice. In this case the employee should be paid a sum equivalent to the amount of his pay plus allowances for the stipulated period of notice at the same rates at which he was drawing them immediately before the termination of his service, or for the period by which such notice falls short of the stipulated period of notice.  
  • The notice of termination of service or order of forthwith termination of service under this rule should be given by an authority not lower than the appointing authority.
  • No notice of termination will be necessary if a Railway employee remained absent on extraordinary leave beyond 5 years for whom no show cause notice is required.


  • Technical Resignation - Resignation submitted by the Railway employees on permanent absorption in PSUs is to be taken as Technical Resignation.
  • The rules for resignation are elaborated in Chapter 3 (Termination of Service) of Indian Railway Establishment Code Vol I and Indian Railway Establishment Manual Vol I Rules 1403-1407.
  • When a Railway servant working in an important post want to resign, the resignation will be accepted only after alternative arrangements have been made to fill the post.
  • The resignation of a railway servant whose conduct is under investigation shall not be accepted without the sanction of the authority competent to dismiss him.
  • Resignations of Group A & B railway servants, other than those holding administrative posts, serving on railways may be accepted by the General Manager.
  • The resignation submitted by Group A probationers of different services undergoing probationary training in various Centralized Training Institutes may be accepted by the Heads of Centralized Training Institutes .
  • Resignation of all other Group A & B railway servants on Indian Railways/Production Units shall be forwarded to the Railway Ministry.
  • Resignation of a Group C & D Railway servant may be accepted by the authority competent to fill the post held by him at the time of resignation.
  • The lien of a permanent Railway servant appointed under another Central /State Government  or office  may be retained on the Railway for a period of two years.  If he is not permanently absorbed within this period  in the new post, he should immediately on expiry of the said period, either resign from the Railway service or revert to his parent office. 
  • A government servant who had originally joined government service prior to 1.1.2004 apply for posts in the same or other departments and on selection he is asked to render technical resignation the past services are counted towards pension under CCS(Pension) Rules, 1972/ Railway Services (Pension) Rules –1993 and he will be covered by these rules.
  • Holiday Home facility & Pass- Facility of holiday homes as extended to retired Railway employees will also be available to the employees who resign technically from railway service for the purpose of permanent absorption in Public Sector Undertakings /Autonomous Bodies and are entitled to Post-Retirement Complimentary Passes(subject to minimum service conditions).
  • Medical - Railway employees on Technical Resignation should be permitted to join RELHS-97 subject to fulfillment of the conditions.
  • Leave - Where a railway servant applies for another post under the Government of India but outside the Railways, if such application is forwarded through proper channel and the applicant is required to resign his post before taking up the new one, such resignation shall not result in the lapse of the leave to his credit. 
  • Where a railway servant who has been granted leave not due resigns from service or at his request permitted to retire voluntarily without returning to duty the leave not due shall be cancelled, his resignation or retirement taking effect from the date on which such leave had commenced and the leave salary shall be recovered. (528 of IRCM)


  • Indian Railways Establishment Code Volume- I
  • Indian Railways Establishment Manual Volume-I
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I am Anand Jwala working as ECRC in Danapur Div of ECR.Since i have joined railway in year 1999 hence entitle of old pesnsion scheme. I have been selected for the post of excise inspector.For the purpose of appointed NOC has been demanded.I am undergoing punsihment with 2 stages below for four year with cumulative effect.The revision has been sought by zonal vigilance.Am i eligible to put technical resignation.Is any amount i will have to pay railways.In cse how much will it be.

sir , i am a doctor and have done MD (GENERAL MEDICINE). I joined diesel locomotive works , varanasi  as an assistant divisional medical officer in march 2012. in august 2012 i was under extreme mental pressure and i submitted my resignation which was accepted on 3 september 2012. now i am repenting a lot my decision and i want to take my resignation back. is there any possibility of resignation being revoked so that i can join my duties back


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   I,B.malleswararao retired senior goods guard khurda road division and I was retired on30-10-2010   and at the time of retirement I joined in RELHS but i have unable to utilized any medical facilitate since I am for away from the railway hospitals and also I have not getting any medical allowance from the bank so I let me know weather I eligible for medical allowance or not if yes how to get it if I am not eligible for medical allowance can I withe draw the RELHS and I get  the deposit amount which I was deposited my last month salary please kindly advise me

Iam working as a apprentice technician (group C) and i submitted 5 year service indeminity bond. After one year (after confirmation)how can i resign a job. will i have to pay money pls give details


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I am ALP(GP-1900) of Delhi Division since AUG-2016. I had signed an agreement of 5 years to serve Indian Railways.I had applied for a open market job with DMRC after joining railways, I had also took NOC to appear in DMRC (IDA-13500 approx GP-4200).

Please let me whether I am eligible for Technical Resignation and Bond transfer from INDIAN RAILWAY to DMRC.

If Indian Railway will not accept my technical resignation so in that case how much amount i have to pay to leave INDIAN RAILWAY.

Now I am in a very desperate condition because I cannot pay Indian Railways training cost which is approx 4-5 lacs as per just verbal confirmation but want to join DMRC

Please help me sir.

Dear Anand Jwala..
congratulations for ur selection in Central Excise..I have too got selected and my case is also similar to ur case. i wish to talk to you .. write me : dreams2ocean@gmail.com or call me : 7428410925


Dear sir.. i joined as app. J.E in w.r .six days ago and now i got my appointment letter of ass loco pilot. W.c.r.. i want to join ass loco pilot. What should i do for it..can i go for it. kindly tell me the procedure... plzz guide me

I joined as junior engg in railway.my training is goin on.. how can i resign from dis job.. kindly tell me the procedure.. and one thing i didnt receive my stipend yet.

Is there any Drawback if there is 2 months gap between technical resignation acceptance and the beginning of New job training in Railways?

Sir,i am a trackman post in railway.with three month of service.i want to take resigne with this post..tell me the procedure that how can i do this?


 I have completed my 13 years services in railway. now I want to give Technical  Resignation.  and join the PSU. May I eligible for these type of facility like that Pension, Pass, Medical facility,  encashment of earned leave, gratuity. what is the notice period of technical resignation. 

Respected sir,

I have completed a bond of 5 years as per the requirements. I am a SR. Ticket Examiner in bombay division. I was appointed under sports quota and I am a current player.

I want to pursue full time study course of 2 years abroad. Can I give a technical resignation ? or is there any other procedure which I need to follow. I do not wish to return to railways.

Please give your valuable advice. Thank you.


          i have joined indianrailways as app JE(TRS) in sep2013.Now i have been selected as Senior Section Engineer in Bangalore Metro,which is a public sector undertaking with a basic pay of 16,200/-.Bangalore metro is a PSU so they don't have Gradepay.they follow IDA scales.if i want to join BMRC should i pay back the stipend to railways.kindly inform me.

                                          thanking you


dear sir, 

             after initial training i joined eastern railway in may, 2010 in rpf. now i have been selected in ibps po and alloted Indian overseas bank which is a nationalised bank (PSB)

I got no objection certificate from my employer. I have some questions like

1. should i give a notice of one month or more?

2. Am i eligible for technical resignation or lien?

3. After resignation am I eligible for any benefits provided by Indian Railways to its employee?

I am very confused about these, plz help.




Do you got any response regarding technical resignation or resignation ? 

please let me know as I am also want to leave railway to join DMRC. please help me and give me suggestion for the same 

on vj.ece.engg@gmail.com or 9958928791


thanks in advance 

Vijay Prajapati


I am working as a JE in S&T DEPARTMANT in Mysore division , SWR.. i had applied for IBPS PO thru proper channel obtaining my NOC. Now i have been selected in IBPS and hence want to resign ..

Can u please tell me the next procedure which i have to follow to relived ..


In case if i have to serve any notice period then what can i do to reduce the notice period or get relived without serving the notice period.


Awaiting your suggestion.

Thanking you

Sr  mai alp hu aur mera selection je me hua hai or muje noc v mila hua through prooper channal bt muje sa 5 charge seet mila hua hai kya muje yaha se relEse karne me koi probleM hoga plz bataye

RRBmumbai cen 4/2010 tc cc mains ka result kab aayega? aur cut off marks kya ho sakte hai? baki sab bords ka result aa gaya hai. lekin mumbai ka itna delay kyu ho raha hai.

sir i I want to know if a central govt servent gives technical resin under ccs rule26(2) if he had a bad entry in past service then what effect of bad entry on newly appontied service

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