Computers & IT

FOIS enquiries/Reports

  • FOIS will have online information pertaining to basic data. Therefore information will be available from the system in real time in the form of Reports and Enquiries.
  • Reports can be programmed to print at specified time at specific places like the morning operating position. Or they can be programmed to be printed automatically in select yards on the route of the train. 

Information Technology for Railway Management

  • Railways all over the world progressively implements Information Technology for improvement in efficiency and for better management.
  • Computerised Management Information System (MIS) helps in planning, monitoring and decision making of all modern Railways.
  • On IR the development of a system for availability of information on freight operations as an aid to decision making was mooted and first sanctioned in 1983-84 as due to the sheer size and complexity of freight operations the management of freight operations was highly complex.