Factories Act 1948

The Government of India has enacted this Act during 1948 to provide safeguard to the workers against exploitation by the employers and to ensure their safety, health and welfare. This Act also provides minimum period of rest , payment of wages for extra hours of duty and enjoins on the employer certain obligation towards the employee.

Calculating Crew Requirement Of A Division

  • Running staff review should be carried out after every six months i.e. on 15t Jan. and 1st July by the division.
  • Before preparing review, loco pilot's links of all the sheds have to be prepared and vetted by personnel branch.
  • Statement of average hours on road and number of goods trains ran during last six months for each section should be ready duly approved by Sr.DOM/DOM.
  • A list of shunting' specials and DMTs running to be prepared and signed by Sr. DOM/DOM.

HOER Rules for Running Staff

  • Loco and Traffic Running staff even though classified as Continuous will be required to be on duty more than 8 hours at a stretch in view of special nature of their duties.
  • Overall duty at a stretch of Running staff from signing On to Signing off should not normally exceed 12 hours and they should be entitled to claim relief thereafter.
  • Running duty at a stretch should not normally exceed 10 hours from departure of train and staff are entitled to claim rest thereafter.

Overtime Allowance

Principle of averaging

  • Avergaing shall be done by averaging the hours of work  over the averaging periods(that is a week in case of EI and two-weekly in case of Continuous and Intensive rosters).
  • This shall apply to: 

(i)   Running staff

(ii)  Operating staff

(iii) Shift workers

(iv) other Railwa employees whose work is connected with the work of any of these categories.