Leave Rules

Leave and Vacation/Holiday Rules for school staff

  • Railway employee serving in a railway school shall not be entitled to any LAP in any year in which he avails the full vacation.
  • In respect of any year in which a Railway employee avails of a portion of the vacation, he shall be entitled to LAP in such proportion of 30 days, as the number of days of vacation not taken bears to the full vacation.

Leave Rules for Railway Apprentices / Trainees

Apprentices for the leave rules includes:

  • Apprentice Mechanics under training in workshops.
  • Other apprentices who are not governed by apprentices Act1961, attached to the workshops and printing Presses.
  • Apprentices under training for non-gaztted posts in all other departments who are posted to supervisory posts after training such as Apprentice Train Examiners, Apprentice Permanent Way Inspectors, Stores Apprentices, etc.

Casual leave

Joining Time

  • For transfer in administrative interest from one station to another and appointments to permanent posts filled by competitive exam.
  • Commences on the day one relinquishes charge.
  • Not admissible if change of station is not involved.
  • Joining time is allowed based on the actual distance between old and new headquarters as follows: 

1000 Km or less

10 days

Procedure for Sanction of Commuted Leave/Leave on Medical Certificate

  • CGHS/RHS beneficiary should produce Medical certificate / Fit certificate from Medical Officer or a Railway/Government Assistant Medical Officer.
  • If Railway Hospital Doctor visit do not materialises Railway employee covered under it may obtain certificate from Registered Medical Practitioner if leave applied is for 3 days. For more than 3 days he should report to Railway Doctor.

Encashment of LAP at the time of availing Pass/PTO

  • Upto 10 days of LAP can be encashed  at the time of availing Pass/PTO subject to the following conditions.
  1. Balance of at least 30 LAP should be available at the credit of the Railway employee after taking into  account the LAP encashed and LAP taken for this purpose.
  2. Total LAP encashed during the total career of a Railway Employee should not exceed 60 days.
  3. Successive encashments cannot be made before a minimum period of 2 years has elapsed.