Provident Fund

Railway Staff Provident Fund - Temporary withdrawal

  • Railway staff who is not eligible for final withdrawal can opt for temporary withdrawal from PF.
  • No advance shall not be granted until at least 50% of last advance has been repaid.
  • Amount of advance shall be such that after making all recoveries net amount payable is not less than 50% of Basic pay of the Railway staff concerned.
  • For Running staff Basic Pay + 30% will be taken for calculating the advance.
  • Permitted on following occasions:

On medical Grounds

Railway staff Provident Fund Rules

  • For Railway employees who are posted on or after 01.01.2004 Provident Fund rules are not applicable.
  • Railway employee contributes 8.5% of Pay + GP to State Railway Provident Fund Account.
  • The account is maintained by Accounts Department. Each PF account is allotted a specific number.
  • Voluntary Contribution to PF (VPF) can be made from the salary of a Railway staff subject to the maximum limit that the amount should not be more than the amount remaining after recoveries.