Articles related to Training of Indian Railway employees

Job Profile Of Health & Malaria Inspector (HI)

  • Health and Malaria Inspector normally work in big railway stations or under a Railway Hospital.
  • Duties of HI are supervisory in nature and there will no night shift. He will supervise cleanliness of station and sanitation. He will have staff working under him for cleaning, sanitation. He will have to collect water samples and send lab for testing.  Malaria related duties previously assigned on HI are almost gone.

Recruitment (Ref 1)

Lumpsum awards for Railway Staff on acquiring higher qualification

  • The acquisition of certain qualifications will entitle Railway staff to be eligible for lumpsum incentives as shown in the following table.
  • Officers and staff  in Group "A"B", &  "C" will be eligible for these awards with the condition that he/she should remain in service for at least three years after acquiring higher qualifications.

Benefits for Trade Apprentice under Apprentice Act

The stipend payable to the Trade Apprentices w.e.f. 18.10.2010 is as under:-

  • During the first year of training-Rs. 1490 per month.
  • During the second year of training- Rs. 1700 per month.
  • During the third year of training-Rs. 1970 per month.
  • During the fourth year of training –Rs. 2220 per month.

Engineering Graduates/Diploma Holders should be paid stipend with effect from 23rd March, 2011 at the revised rates

Training of apprentices under Apprentices Act

  • Indian Railways train apprentices under Apprentices Act, 1961 in certain designated trades.
  • The Act was enacted by the Government to regulate and control the training of apprentices.
  • Railways engage apprentices in the workshops of the Civil, Mechanical and S&T Engineering Departments, Production Units, Diesel and Electric Loco Sheds, Carriage and Wagon Depot and Electrification Projects.

There are three categories of apprentices.

Leave Rules for Railway Apprentices / Trainees

Apprentices for the leave rules includes:

  • Apprentice Mechanics under training in workshops.
  • Other apprentices who are not governed by apprentices Act1961, attached to the workshops and printing Presses.
  • Apprentices under training for non-gaztted posts in all other departments who are posted to supervisory posts after training such as Apprentice Train Examiners, Apprentice Permanent Way Inspectors, Stores Apprentices, etc.

Casual leave