Backtracking from the mutual transfer not permitted

Railway Board Letter No
E[NG]I-2006/TR/6 dated 21-04-2006
Circular Subject
Inter-Railway and Intra-Railway transfers on mutual exchange

As the Railways are aware in terms of extant procedure in vogue vide para 310 of Indian Railway Establishment Manual Vol.I, 1989, transfers on the basis of mutual exchange are allowed with no loss or minimum loss of seniority.  Instances have come to notice where employees make request for such mutual exchange transfer and later on backout when orders are issued and even after one of the two employees gets relieved to join the new place. 


2.         Board have reviewed the matter and decided that as mutual transfers are ordered with the consent of both the parties, it should be made clear right at the time of forwarding applications for mutual transfer that no request for backtracking from the mutual exchange arrangement will be entertained under any circumstances.  Strict adherence to this procedure may please be ensured. 

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shyam pratap singh

Wed, 04/12/2013 - 23:55

sir, i am posted as sm 4200 gp after promotion.recruit  by rrb belong want know that my mutual is possible of sm 4200 gp after promotion rectt by rrb selected candidate who belong sc community.what it is possible,pls tell me

pl tell me,is it possible a mutual transfer by a promotee JE/SIG  GEN. candidate with a promotee JE/SIG   SC  candidate  


It is possible to backtrack or giving unwilling letter to DRM once the MT transfer of my partner is completed and my apllication while in processing ?



Fri, 29/03/2019 - 16:30


क्या डिवीजन A से Noc डिवीजन B को भेजा और डिवीजन  B पहुंच  गया पर  NOC डिवीजन B से  जारी हुआ और डिवीजन A को  भेजा है पर डिवीजन  A को  पहुंचा नहीं है तो क्या डिवीजन B का कर्मचारी एप्लिकेशन रद्द करना चाहता है तो रद्द हो सकता है कि नहीं