Forwarding of application and relieving of Staff for posts outside Railways

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)I-2012/AP/1 dated 06.02.2013
Circular Subject
Forwarding of application from Technical supervisors for the posts outside Railways on deputation basis to various other Government Departments & SUs/Autonomous bodies & Non-release Regarding.

1, As per extant instructions as contained in Para 244 of Indian Railway Establishment Code (IREC), Volume-I, Fifth Edition-1985, Third Reprint Edition-2008 reads with Para 1401 of Indian Railway Establishment Manual (IREM), Volume-I(Revised Edition-1989), First Reprint Edition-2009, permission to a Railway servant to submit an application in response to advertised post outside the Railways like to Departments outside the Government of India or under a State Government, shall not ordinarily be refused unless the head of the office or the department in which he is employed considers that the grant of permission would not be consistent with the interest of the public service . The competent authority should interpret the term “public interest” strictly subject to the condition that forwarding of application should be the rule rather than the exception. The cadre controlling authorities would consider each case from the point of view whether the Railway servant could be spared or not, no other general condition should be applied in taking a decision in the case.


2. One of the Federations eg. NFIR has brought to notice of Railway Board that Technical Staff (Senior Supervisors & Supervisors ) working in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and S&T Departments are not being released, on their selection, to various PSUs and other Government Organizations on deputation basis leading to create avoidable hardship to such staff.

3. The matter has accordingly been considered and Ministry of Railways wish to state that while following the procedure as contained in Board’s letter No. E(NG)I-96/AP/2(2) dated 16.08.1999 and other service conditions as contained in paras 1402 to 1412 of Indian Railway Establishment Manual (IREM), Volume-I(Revised Edition-1989), First Reprint Edition-2009, the compliance of above instructions may also be ensured to enable Railway Technical Staff to get exposure of working outside the Railways on deputation basis or otherwise and improve their performance/knowledge on return to parent Department.

Please acknowledge receipt.


Manik Chand Maurya

Thu, 01/08/2013 - 15:42

Dear sir,

           I have requested for own request zonal transfer at NCR HQ Allahabad, due my mother sickness & domestic problems. I was first time applied for transfer on dtd.11.03.2011 in Sr. DSTE/DLI office and I have posted Under him in Delhi Division as JE/D&D/S&T, second time in same office on 05.02.2013. In HQ central receive cell on 10.01.2013. But their is no any progress at all.

           I have transferred to NR HQ without any progress in my case and without any benefit on administrative ground from DLI Dvn.

           I have submitted new application in CSTE office on 12.03.2013, reminder-I on dtd.10.04.2013 for NOC from NCR ALD, GM/NR 29.04.13 & copy to CSTE, CPO. And further on dtd.15.06.2013 to GM(P), CSTE, GM, AM(SIG), AM(TELE), CRB Rail Board.

But there are no any written letter has been given to me for my progress at all.

          Sir, I'm suffering very stressed life.  Kindly sir may please provide me a copy of help full guide lines or circulars or rules released Rail board has issued if issued whenever.

Thanking you.                                                                                   Your's sincerely


                                                                                                        Manik Chand Maurya


                                                                                                       Baroda House, New Delhi

                                                                                                         (Mob No.9717638843) 


presently i am working in RCF /KXH as J.E mech and I Got selected for the post of SSE/DSl loco in ferozepur division. but due to my family problem i am unable to shift at this time. Is there any procedure to request  for transfer of my name from the panel to RCF/KXH. So that  I can continue my job in RCF as SSE Mech.



thanks & regards


maine jan 2011 me BVP(WR) se DLI(NR) ke liye request transfer apply kiya tha. mera acceptance oct 2012 me issue hua. lekin staff shortage ki vajah se mujhe relieve nahi kiya ja raha hai. mera acceptance  kab tak valid rahega or mera acceptance cancel na ho iske liye mujhe kya karna chahiye. DLI(NR) me new rrb candidate medical ke liye aa chuke hain jabki WR me rrb ka resut abhi declear hua hai. please guide me.


Wed, 11/09/2013 - 23:23

My parents are old age and my father does not keep well and does not earn and are dependent on me.I m married and don't have any brother and have two younger sisters,one is married and other is studying,y ques is are my parents allowed to be included in the pass/PTO.ven vl Either of them or both of them vl b     allowed to b included in the privilege pass or PTO given to me.

Please given me information regarding my query.

Pradeep kumar Nath

Fri, 04/10/2013 - 22:57

Dear Sir,


At the Outset i would like to inform you that I have recently joined Track Machine Deptt. in the post of App. JE/ TM Under NFR, My background is B.E (Mech), & MBA HR & IT), Presently i am undergoing Training at IRTMTC, Allahabad.

I have Some Quaries regarding the Job Change from One Deptt to Another

1st . As my age is going by so, i have joined this job,

Now suppose in near future if i applied for SSE Post from open catagory and  got selected in other Deptt or in same deptt then is my joining will be from the date of earlier post Job or from the new one. ( if i go through proper channel ).

Other quaries is that I have also applied for commercial Apprantice post so , i want to know is this job better then JE/ MT ( Consider only about the Working Environment), neglect about my background.


i hope you will give positive solution to my Quaries,


Thanks & regards,

Pradeep KR. Nath


Hi Mr. Pradeep,

I am also  Appr. JE in P-Way under ER. I have completed my training of 1 yr duration (both training institute & field or line training) from 05.08.2013 and still it is extending its duration. My background is B.E (Civil).

I think if u have been selected for SSE post through proper channel you will be awarded the increments u have earned and u don't have to return the bond money. But there r some post in which grade pay and basic pay are reduced drastically during training in case of freshers. I have GP 4200 & Basic 9300 duning training, but my friend in Appr. JE(Drawing-civil) post gets basic 8000 or something around & GP 2800 though his pay scale is same as mine i.e. 9300-34800, GP 4200. But for fresher or Appr. SSE(Drawing-civil) the matter is not clear to me. But for non-fresher Appr. SSE(Drawing-civil) this is not reduced and even the concerned gets TA.

So, i must request u not to be a fresher. But the problem is getting NOC at the right time, bcoz competent authority to issue NOC often remarks that there is staff shortage.  

To your other query, i will say, everything in this world is better than JE(P-Way) and JE(TM) is the nearest planet to JE(P-Way) with similar environment. Traffic apprentice posts also carry that type of environment. And being a non-safety category post Commercial apprentice is better than Traffic apprentice, JE(P-Way), JE(Signal) & JE(MT)/Track machine.

anybody give answer to my question plz , there is any wing change in southcentral railway ( i.e. JE(C&W)  TO   JE(DRAWING)MECHANICAL


praveen kumar jps

Tue, 05/11/2013 - 23:26

Sir my wife is government teacher in Bihar.but I am alp is I am not near to my daughter and my I am not working is good.i kindly request sir my transfer is near my wife working home town. Please

sir, my name is vivek verma presently working as a technician-II at n.rly, bridge workshop, charbagh, lucknow. i have done a diploma in p.way engineering from IPWE. i want to know about whether i can apply for JE or SE post for P.way engineer. if yes, please inform me as the vacancies, i will be highly obliged. yours faithfully vivek verma e-mail: [email protected]


Wed, 26/02/2014 - 02:43


  I am a commercial clerk gp-2800, . I have applied for NOC for higher grade pay cent gov job conducted by  ssc. But my application has rejected by competent authority with remark of staff shortage. I am a normal duty staff and no any case or any dispute with any others.

 please suggest me how can I get NOC for improve my career.


sir, concerned officer is too strict to give any leave or any benefit like as my case, but constitution allow to improve career. in other words, i am restricted. Sr. DPO is agree to give NOC but my deptt officer rejected it. sir, this is the matter of my career.  existing rules does not belong to my case. it is only concern officer's interest. please, suggest best if this blog belongs to employer's favour.


Fri, 28/02/2014 - 20:38

Respected Sir,

           I got selected in CEN 3/2012 as a Goods Gourd. But it's working condition is very strenuous as the gourd has to live in a brake van without light, fan or any other basic facilities. Not only that he has to live alone, even if at midnight in a isolated and scary place. Nobody will be around to help.

          Can I join other posts of similar GP (2800/-)? Even I am ready to lower / higher grade pay post. As I am a very timid person, any office job will be more suitable for me than this post. If yes, then how many months I have to work as Goods Gourd? If not, then I am really an unlucky person.

         Why not INDIAN RAIL is improving the working condition of Goods Gourd? Working condition is PATHETIC. Just imagine a gourd has to live alone the whole night, almost 10 hours, without basic facilities! What a tragic life those goods gourds are leading!! They must be provided at least an RFP with them at night. This callous nature is not tolerable.

         My good luck that got a job in INDIAN RAIL....and bad luck that I got selected as Goods Gourd!

Respected sir
I am working as ALP in Southern railway. Recently I selected in JE trackmachine in western railway which was applied before coming ALP job.during the time of document verification(last month) I did not show as working in railway. It makes any problem on relieving or joining in WR. PLEASE SUGGEST ME...What can I do sir...thank you ...


Fri, 03/10/2014 - 12:29

Sir, i was trackman in NWR and i cleared RRB SCR health inspector exam with NOC and they relieved me on technical resignation on 6.08.14 and joined on22.08.14 Can my 6years and 120 LAP will count in my service