Incentive to Group C employees for acquiring High Technical/professional qualifications

Railway Board Letter No
E(NG)/I/99/I/IC2/3 dated 27.6.2000
Circular Subject
Incentive to Group "C" employees for acquiring High Technical/professional qualifications.


1. In   terms  of  the  instructions  contained  in   this Ministry's letter No.E(NG)/64/RCI/25 dated 14.5.66, as last  modified  through  its letter No.E(NG)/I/93/IC2/5  dated  2.1.96  and  12.9.97,  and letter No.E(TRG)/94/28/1 dated 17.4.2000,Group  "C" railway  employees  are allowed lumpsum incentive  on  the  scale indicated in the instructions   for    acquiring   higher technical/professional  qualifications as indicated  therein  and the  powers to grant such incentives rest with the heads  of  Departments.


2.  A demand has been raised in PNM/NFIR that the powers to grant incentives maybe delegated to the Divisional Railway Managers(DRMs)  in  order  to expedite disposal of  such  cases. The matter  has been considered by the Board and it has been  decided that,  while the powers to sanction incentive to Group "C"  staff working in the Headquarters offices will continue to be exercised by  HODs in consultation with FA&CAOs, the same may be  exercised  by  DRMs/CWMs in respect of Group "C" staff working in the  Divisions/Workshops  in consultation with  Sr.DAOs/Workshop  Accounts officers.