Incentives for Railway Staff acquiring higher qualification

Railway Board Letter No
E(TRG)/94(28)/I dated 17.4.2000
Circular Subject
Incentives for acquiring higher qualification

1. Reference this Ministry's letter No.E(Trg)94(28)I dated 5.7.95  regarding grant of incentives to Group "B"  officers  for  acquiring  higher qualifications and  letter  No.E(NG)/I-93/IC2/B dated  2.1.96  read with their letter  dated  12.9.97,  regarding grant  of  incentives to Gr."C" Railway employees  for  acquiring higher qualification.


2. The question of review of above instructions  including  addition  of fresh qualifications to the existing ones  has  been under  consideration of the Ministry of Railways in  consultation with  the  Deptt.  of Personnel and Training.  It  has  now  been decided to amplify the list of qualifications the acquisition of which will entitle the individuals to grant of lumpsum incentives as shown in the Annexure to this letter.


  3. The revised scheme of incentives will be effective from the date of issue of this letter.  In other words the  qualifications specified in the Annexure acquired on or after the date  of  issue  of  this letter will qualify for the amount  of  specified  lumpsum incentive.


3.1However, the individuals who were eligible for grant of lumpsum  incentives  in terms of existing instructions,  will  be entitled  to grant of lumpsum incentive on the old scale  in  respect of qualifications acquired upto the day preceding the  date of issue of this letter.


3.2. For  the  purpose of paras 3and 3.1 above the  date  of acquiring  the  qualifications will be the last date of  the  prescribed  examination and not the date of publication of  the  results.


4. The revised scheme will apply to officers and staff  in Group "A"B", &  "C".


5. The  following  conditions will apply to the  grant  of lumpsum incentive.     


i)          Incentive should be allowed only for the qualifications, the acquisition of which is directly related to the functions of the post held by the Railway servant or the functions to be performed in the next higher post and the qualifications should contribute to the efficiency of the Railway servant.  In the case of qualifications being useful in the discharge of functions in the next higher grade the grant of incentive maybe considered on actual promotion                    to the higher grade.


ii)         No incentive would be allowed for purely academic or literary subjects and accordingly incentives need not be considered for qualification like Degree in Humanities.


iii)         The incentive will not be available for the qualifications which are laid down as essential                    or desirable qualifications in the recruitment rules for the post.


iv)        The quantum of incentive will be uniform for all the posts irrespective of their classification                    or grade or the department.


v)         The incentive will not be admissible where the Government servant is sponsored by the government or he avails of study leave for acquiring the qualification. Only those officiate who have acquired the higher qualification fully at their own cost and where the Railways have not borne any part of the expenses therefore will be entitled for grant of incentives.


vi)        The incentive would be given only for higher qualification acquired after induction into                    service and not for possession of higher qualification at the time of entry in service.


vii)       No incentive would be admissible if an appointment is made in relaxation of the educational                    qualifications. No incentive would be admissible if the employee acquires the requisite qualification for such appointment at a later date.


viii)       The qualifications meriting grant of incentive should be recognized by the all India Council                    for Technical Education, Department of Electronics, Deemed University University or recognized  by the Government.


ix)        Officials acquiring more than one prescribed qualification will be entitled for incentives for                    all such additional qualifications.


x)         Officials who avail the incentives should remain in service for atleast three years after acquiring higher qualificatins.


6. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance  Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.