Inter Railway/Inter Division Transfer of sportsperson recruited against sports quota

Railway Board Letter No
2011/E(sports)/4(3)/4(Transfer Policy) dated 17/02/2011
Circular Subject
Instructions for transfer of sportsperson recruited against sports quota, from one Railway/Unit/Division to another Railway/Unit/Division.

1. Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have revised the existing policy on the subject mater and decided that in supersession to Board’s letter No. E(Sports) 20002/POLICY/TR/3 dt. 27.11.2002 and all other circulars issued earlier on the subject matter; the following revised instructions shall be applicable in all Zonal Railways and Units for considering the transfer cases of sportsperson, recruited against sports quota, from one Railway/Unit/Division to another Railway/Unit/Division.

2. (i): Eligibility conditions:-

(a) At least 5 years’ service on the Railways, including probation period; and
(b) Person should be a regular employee;

(ii) Exceptions to the conditions as mentioned in Para 2(i) above can be made in the following circumstances:-
(a) When the spouse of the sportsperson is an employee of Central Government/State Government/Public Sector; and the sportsperson requests for transfer to the place of posting of the spouse;
(b) When a sportsperson has been afflicted with a serious physical and mental ailment rendering him/her unfit for competitive sports and he/she desires to be transferred to another place where better treatment facilities for the aliment, are available; and
(c) When sportspersons request for their transfers on mutual basis from one Railway/Division/Unit to another Railway/Division/Unit, provided both such employees are sportsperson.

3. Inter-Divisional/Unit transfers of sportspersons within the same Railway, shall be within the competence of General Manager of that Railway and will be decided only after his/her personal approval.

4. Inter-Railway transfers of sports person shall be considered at the personal level of General Manager and after his/her recommendation, referred to the Railway Board for final approval.

5. Railway Board, after the personal approval of Member (Staff), can grant relaxation in five years’ service condition as mentioned in Para 2(i)(a) above, to the sportsperson having medal winning performance in the recognized international championships after joining the Railways; on his/her request.

6. The general conditions governing request transfers, like, educational qualifications prescribed for recruitment to the category/post to which transfer has been sought for, assignment of bottom seniority etc., will apply in all cases of transfer of sportsperson on their own requests.

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Thu, 19/09/2019 - 23:24

Sir,   please clear regarding  5 year service for own request transfer. If a person joining 23.07.14 & application give on 04.05.16 for own request transfer (zonal). He comlete 5 years on 23.07.19 and again give application on 23.07.19. Other person joining 24.07.14 and give application on 11.11.15 but not give application again after completion 5 year.                          Therefore, which applications forwarded 1st person or second person. Who is seniority 1st.

         Thank you.