MACPS to Loco Running Staff who got promotion to LP bypassing Shunter Grade

Railway Board Letter No
PC-V/2009/ACP/3/SECR dated 05-10-2011
Circular Subject
Extending the benefit of financial upgradation under MACPS to Loco Running Staff
SECR’s letter No. P-HQ/RUL/105/9/893, dated 06-02-2011, 20-06-2011 & 12-08-2011

With reference to the above, it is stated that the promotions earned by the employees in question from ALP II (GP-1900) to LPG (GP-4200) directly bypassing Shunter grade in such a manner neither fall in the line of AVC nor in Recruitment Rules of Loco Pilot categories. This special dispensation has only been granted due to non-availability of Shunters. As a result on the said special dispensation the concerned employee has progressed to two next higher stages/grades as per the cadre hierarchy/AVC of Loco Pilots category.


Therefore, in such situation the employee should be treated as having earned two promotions. It is therefore, advised that MACP Scheme in respect of such employees may please be regulated in light of the above position.