Transport Allowance (TPA) to Railway employees

Railway Board Letter No
PC-VI/2008/A/TA/2 dated 12.09.2008
Circular Subject
Recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission – Grant of Transport Allowance to Railway employees


1. Consequent upon the decisions taken by the Government on the recommendations of the Sixth Central Pay Commission regarding Transport Allowance vide Ministry of Finance’s Resolution No.1/1/2008-I C dated 29.8.2008 and promulgation of the Railway Services [Revised Pay] Rules, 2008, the President is pleased to decide that in modification of this Ministry’s letter No. PC-V/97/I/7/12 dated 16.12.1997, the Railway employees shall be entitled to Transport Allowance at the following rates:

Employees drawing Grade Pay of

Rate  of Transport Allowance per month


In 13 cities* classified as A-1/A earlier

Other places

Grade pay of Rs.5400 & above

Rs.3200 + DA thereon

Rs.1600 + DA thereon

[i]  Grade pay of Rs.4200, 4600 and Rs.4800

[ii] those drawing grade pay below Rs.4200 but drawing pay in the pay band equal to Rs.7440 & above

Rs.1600 + DA thereon

Rs.800+ DA thereon

Grade pay below 4200 and pay in the pay band below Rs.7440

Rs.600+ DA thereon

Rs.400+ DA thereon

*Hyderabad [UA], Delhi [UA], Bangalore [UA], Greater Mumbai [UA], Chennai [UA], Kolkata [UA], Admedabad [UA], Surat [UA], Nagpur [UA], Pune  [UA], Jaipur [UA] Lucknow  [UA], and Kanpur [UA].

2. The grant of Transport Allowance shall be subject to the following conditions:

[i] The blind or orthopaedically handicapped employees in terms of this Ministry’s letter No. PC-V/97/I/7/12 dated 16.12.97 shall continue to draw this allowance at double the normal rates, which shall, in no case, be less than Rs.1000/- per month plus the applicable rate of dearness allowance.  The other conditions of Board’s letter No. F[E]I-78/AL-7/5 dated 23.10.78 related to grant of conveyance allowance to blind and orthopaedically handicapped Railway employees shall remain unchanged.

[ii] The allowance shall not be admissible to those employees who have been provided with the facility of Government transport.

[iii] The condition contained in para 2[ii] of Board’s letter  No. PC-V/97/I/7/12 dated 16.12.97 by which the grant of Transport Allowance to employees provided with official accommodation within one kilometer of office or within a campus housing the place of work and residence was disallowed, has been withdrawn.

[iv] In respect of those employees who opt to retain their pre-revised scales of pay, the corresponding Grade Pay  of the pay scale/corresponding pay scale of the post occupied on 01.01.2006 as  indicated in Railway Services [Revised Pay] Rules, 2008 would determine the allowance under these orders. 

3. Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.10,000 & Rs.12,000 and those in the HAG+ scale who are entitled to the use of official car in terms of Board’s letter No. E[G]95AL4-9 dated 06.11.1995 shall be given the option to avail themselves of the existing facility or to draw the Transport Allowance at the rate of Rs.7000/- p.m. plus dearness allowance thereon.

4. In the case of employees who are presently availing the facility of residential card passes of any type [including  for spouse and children, children’s school RCP etc], an option may be given to the employee.  In case they opt for the transport allowance they may be paid the allowance at the rates as applicable to them subject to the condition that the existing facility of RCP of any type as well as the facility of traveling on card pass/metal pass on suburban sections for non-official duties would be withdrawn from the date they opt for the transport allowance.

5. In the case of the employees presently availing of the facility of workmen trains, an option is to be given to the employees as a group to either avail themselves of the existing facility or to switch over to the payment of transport allowance as admissible under these orders.

6. The order shall take effect from September 1,2008.