Extracts from some of the important Circulars. This is not a comprehensive list. 

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Title Date RBE No
Syllabus for professional papers for LDCE for promotion to Group B posts of Assistant Electrical Engineer 14/2014
Date of increment after expiry of penalties of withholding of increments/reduction to lower stage 09/2014
Qualifying service for LARGESS for Gangmen and staff working in safety category posts with 1800 GP
Retention of Railway quarters to the wards of Railway employees recruited under the LARGESS Scheme 7/2014
Revised Classification and mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts – Scheme for filling up of vacancies after 31.12.2013 01/2014
Revised pay limit for entitlement of privilege pass 21/2001
Mutual transfer between different communities on request on bottom seniority and on mutual exchange basis. 134/2007
TA and other allowances increased by 25% as a result of DA increase to 100% 39/2014
School Pass to the student son/daughter of Railway employees studying in the recognised institutions and Declaration 196/2000
Provision of Parent/Guardian in the School Pass issued to Handicapped boys of 18 years of age and above 81/2004
Issue of 2nd Class 'A' Pass to eligible Railway employees 88/2003
Revised pay limits for entitlement of Pass as per Fifth Pay Commission 17/1999
Provision of containers to eligible railway employees on Transfer/retirement 156/2004
Validity of Passes/PTOs for travel in Garib Rath Express Trains 24/2007
Travelling on duty over Konkan Railway by Indian Railway employees 73/1999
Entitlement of travel by Jan Shatabdi Express Trains with Privilege/Post-retirement/Duty Passes 259/2004
Policy instructions and Pass Quotas in Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains
Entitlement for travel by Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express trains on Duty/Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes 30/2004
Return of Metal Pass by the Retiring Officers
Surrender of Metal Pass by retiring Railway Officers 104/2000
Entitlement for travel by Rajdhani Express trains on Duty for Silver Pass holders and Metal and I A pass holders 73/2007
Entitlement of family of Railway Officers to travel in saloon when officer return by some other mode of transport 107/2008
IInd Class Pass and PTO valid for travel in Sleeper Class
Issue of Bronze Metal Pass/Card Pass to below JAG Officers with All India validity 175/2002
Surrender of Metal Pass by officers who avail of LAP for a short period in continuation of duty 156/2002
Revised pay limits for entitlement of Duty Pass as per V th Pay Commission Scales 162/1999
Entitlement of Metal Pass holders to travel in I-AC Class for self and for family to travel in 2-AC Class 72/2007
Revised Pay limits for entitlement of Gold Pass 286/1999
Entitlement for travel in First AC coupe for Officers holding Gold Pass 94/2008
Free Pass Scheme for widows of Railway employees 174/87
Passes for widows of Railway servants - mode of joining 52/2001
Passes for Widows of Railway employees 83/98
Inclusion of children from void marriage in the privilege passes issued to railway employees 39/2005
Family members and dependent relatives for issue of Special Pass on medical grounds 185/2000
Inclusion of deceased Railway employees’ Widow mother in the Privilege pass of the widow appointed on compassionate grounds
Inclusion of legally divorced sister as dependent on Railway servant for eligibility of Pass and PTO
Full sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) allowed after 20 years of railway service 132/2013
Running Allowance and Allowance in lieu of Kilometreage for Running Staff 202/2008
Grant of third financial upgradation under MACP scheme
Eligibility of widowed or divorced daughters for family pension 99/2013
Rates of Night Duty Allowance (NDA) from 01 July 2013 113/2013
Promotional pay fixation in case of promotion with same Grade Pay 95/2013
Mode of dispatch of call letters to applicants for RRC Recruitment 53/2013
Procedure for Promotion in unified Cadre of Track Maintainers 81/2013
Bonus to RPF and RPSF personnel for the financial year 2012-13 106/2013
Submission of Form 10 by spouse to pension disbursing bank after the death of pensioner when pensioner and spouse have joint account 105/2013
Action to be taken in case a Railway Servant is convicted by criminal courts 65/2013
Mode of dispatch of call letters to Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC) candidates 85/2013
Vacations and holidays for Railway school teachers 83/2013
Rate of Dearness Allowance to Railway employees increased to 90% from 1 July 2013 98/2013
Dearness Allowance to Railway Servants on Sixth Central Pay Commission Recommendations from Jan 2006 106/2008
Cadre Restructuring of Group C Posts on Railways from 01-11-2013 102/2013
Productivity Linked Bonus (PLB) to Railway employees for 2012-13 will be Rs.8975 103/2013
Special Allowance for child care for women with disabilities and Education Allowance at double the normal rate 150/2008
Written Examination for LARGESS recruitment dispensed with 72/2013
Permanent Way Supervisors category merged with JE/P Way 64/2013
Special Incentive Scheme for Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW)
Rate of Dearness Relief (DR) to Railway pensioners and family pensioners enhanced to 80% 46/2013
Backtracking from the mutual transfer not permitted 53/2006
Training module of ALP (Diesel) to LP (Shunter) and ALP (electrical) to ET 29/2013
Hospital Patient Care Allowance and Patient Care Allowance to Railway employees 01/2008
Amendment to Travelling Allowance Rules in Indian Railway Establishment Code 49/2013
Rates of Night Duty Allowance (NDA) from 01 January 2013 48/2013
Recruitment in Ex-servicemen Quota 47/2013
Hockey India as the Recognized National Sports Federation for the game of Hockey 43/2013
Revision of commuted pension for Railway employees who had drawn lumpsum payment on absorption in PSUs 42/2013
Revision of provisional pension for Pre and Post 2006 retired employees 33/2013
Recognition of qualifications of Rajasthan State Open School, Jaipur and A.P Open Schooling, Hyderabad for Railway recruitment 31/2013
Rate of Interest of State Railway Provident Fund (SRPF) 2013-14. 37/2013
Appointment of second window and her children on compassionate grounds
Tribal Area Allowance 52/2013
Risk Allowance 21/2005
Disability certificate for Recruitment against Physically Handicapped Quota
Mode of filling up of non-gazetted posts after 6th CPC 51/2013
Recognition of qualification of Prathama Examination 40/2013
Enhancement in the rate of Risk Allowance 44/2013
Fixation of pay of medically unfit running staff on being appointed against alternative post 41/2013
Revised Training Modules for Supervisors of Signal and Telecommunication Department 130/2011
Amendment to the Scheme of Payment of Railway Pension through PSBs
Clarification on Children Education Allowance 132/2011
Rates of Sunderban Allowance to Railway employees working in West Bengal 122/2011
Uniform to eligible categories of Railway employees 114/2011
Family pension to childless widow of a deceased Central Government employee after her remarriage 48/2011
Amendment to Railway Services Conduct Rules regarding movable property 105/2011
Clarification regarding Encashment of Leave on Average Pay (LAP) while availing Privilege Pass/PTO 95/2011
Enhancement in the rate of various allowances by 25% as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowance 88/2011
Multi-Tasking Staff Recruitment Rules
Recruitment of sports persons against sports quota 102/2011
Yardsticks for creation of revenue charged gazetted posts for S and T Department on Indian Railways
Clarification on increase in certain allowances 25% as a result of enhancement of Dearness Allowance 78/2011
Amendment of provisions of Indian Railway Establishment Code relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund 73/2011
Dearness Relief to the Railway pensioners who are in receipt of pension in the pre-revised scale of 5th CPC 71/2011
Amendment of Employees Compensation Act 1923 61/2011
Amendment to Apprenticeship Rules 45/2011
Revised rate of Dearness Relief to Railway pensioners/family pensioners from 01.01.2011 49/2011
Single Window System (SWS) for reimbursement of Railway Pension
Clarifications on Children Education Allowance 25/2011
Schedule of Disciplinary powers under Railway Servants (Discipline and Appeal) Rules 10/2011
Clarifications on Child Care Leave to female railway employees 21/2011
Tables of Benefits for the savings fund of Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme 1980 142/2011