Pension - General

Claiming Pension

  • Pension claims are processed by the Head of the Department of the Railway employee.
  • Process for sanctioning Pension claims are to be initiated by Head of the Department two years in advance of the retirement of the Railway employee in the prescribed form(Form 7).
  • Eight months prior to the retirement of the Railway employee , the concerned employee has to submit certain informations(joint photo, family details, name of bank etc.) to the Head of the Department in prescribed form(form 5).
  • Pension is sanctioned by Accounts Officer who issues Pension Pay Order(PPO) not later than one month prior to the retirement date.
  • If delay is anticipated in this, Head of the Department has to sanction pension provissionally and provisional gratutity.
  • For Family Pension, the deceased pensioners family should apply in form 14 to

(i) The Pension disbursing authority if the amount of Family Pension is already indicated in Pension Pay Order.
(ii) To Head of the Department for sanction of Family Pension in all other cases.


  • Interest has to be paid if retirement/death gratutity is delayed due to administrative lapse beyond 3 months at the rate of interest ason PF account.
  • Pension Pay Order(PPO) is a valuable document containing a running account of your pensionary entitlements.
  • Pension/Gratuities are paid in Rupees in India only.
  • No retired Railway employees can draw two pensions in the service/post at the same time. However there is no bar for an employee drawing more than one pension on account of separate spells of employment qualifying for separate pensions, or due to a combination of pension and Family Pension or civil and military pension.
  • Pension/Family Pension is payable upto and including the day of death of the recipient.
    A pensioner is entitled to nominate any person to receive his lifetime arrears.
  • Nomination has to be submitted to the Heads of the Department while pension claims are processed and to Pension Disbursing authority after.
  • Grant of pension and its continuance are subject to future good conduct of the pensioner.
  • Pension finally authorised cannto be revised to the detriment of the pensioner except to correct a clerical error.
  • Pension cannot be attached, sized etc. for any demand against a pensioner or make any assignments etc. in anticipation of pension.
  • But if a pensioner is convicted of a serious crime or found guilty of grave misconduct or negligence, pension may be withheld or withdrawn fully or partially for a specified or indefinite period.
  • Recovery from pension may also be done for any pecuniary loss to the government.
    Government dues(pertaining to Government accommodation, outstanding, balance of advances, overpayment etc.) are adjustable against gratuities.(other than Service Gratuity) and/or Death Gratuity.

Pension is paid through:

  1. Public sector Bank
  2. Treasury
  3. Pay and Accounts Office
  4. Money Order
  5. Post Office

Redress of Grievances/Complaints

  • May be taken up with HOD, Pension sanctioning authority or Pension Disbursing authority as the case maybe.
  • Pension adalats conducted by the various railways can also be approached.
  • Department of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare, New Delhi can alos be approached for complaints which looks after grievances and problems of pensioners.




Fri, 20/04/2012 - 03:06

HI Team,

My Mother is an employee in Indian Railways and she is about to retire in few months.

I would like to know the process and procedures and policies if any, that needs to be initiated.

I would also like to know below points
1.What are the documents that needs to be submitted.
2.Person to be contacted for follow-up
3.When are we supposed to vacate Rly QTR.
4.What details are we supposed to provide.
5.We will move to our native place and so what are other details that we need to provide to Indian Railways.
6.When can we expect complete financial settlement.
7.After retirement . its very hard to travel from our native to current working location, what are the measures that we are supposed to take to avoid this.
8.What can be claimed post retirement commute.
9.What other benefits we get as part of retirement process.

It would be great if I can get above details at the earliest

Thanks in advance,



At least one month in advance of the date of retirement your mother will receive a booklet containing various forms explaining all the things to do and person to contact. So there is no need to worry as things got much simplified over the years. You have to vacate railway quarter on day of retirement in normal cases. If extension of stay is needed you have to apply in advance to the DPO of the division indicating reasons. Settlement amount depends on many factors like her present pay/Grade Pay, Years of service, Leave encashable etc


I am an ex serviceman re-employed through RRB CDG, appointed on June 2000.        

Kindly let me know  the minimum  service years that I have to put in to be able to avail  any pension. I shall be retiring on 30 November  2017 .



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49 years 6 months

Deepak Durgapr… (not verified)

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 22:40

Dear Sir,

My father was retired from western Railway  as Chief I O W and he was pass away on 11/08/2007   PPO Number is WR/11218/235621 still we are not getting any amount of arrears till date. For this matter what should we do and whom do we meet or contact.Please guide us.Look forward your positive reply as soon as possible.


Deepak Nishad


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49 years 6 months

C.L.MEENA (not verified)

Wed, 05/09/2012 - 16:13

Iam a track man S.R. I am given a GDCE EXAM at 26.2.2012 as post Tech. 3rd mech.Cat.No. 5 AT CHENNAI DIVI. Soutern Railway RRB and Gdce results has been come last Week but this post reasults note seen rrb website so plz tell me this Exam Postpond Or Result postpond

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RAMKALI (not verified)

Fri, 07/09/2012 - 21:03


Subject:- Non payment of gratuity difference arrears, salary difference arrears, leave encashment difference arrears and pension commutation amount as 6 c.p.c. per rule from effected 1.1.06


    Myself Ram Kali is a railway family pensioner. My husband Late Ram Adhar died since 16/03/2009. I am drawing my family pension from my husband's death dated 16/03/2009. But it is very sad i do not get above arrears till today.

    I am drawing my family pension in a/c no. 30823838386 s.b.i. branch Lalganj Ajhara, Pratapgarh u.p. from my husband's death dated 16/03/2009. But it is very sad i do not get above arrears till today. My husband was retired from the office of Divisional railway manager north central railway Allahabad since 30/04/2006

       so, my husband was eligible to get above arrears which is given below-

1-salary diffrence arears from 1.1.06 to 30.04.06

2-gratuity difference arrears due to revised pay sixth c.p.c. rule effected  01.1.06

3-leave encashment difference arrears due to revised pay sixth c.p.c. rule effected  01.1.06

4-pension commutation amount as sixth c.p.c. per rule from effected 01.1.06 according to revised p.p.o. 1306020450 amount Rs.  58426=00

        Pl. guide me. how can i get my above arrears.

                                                                      Thanking you

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Gopal (not verified)

Mon, 10/09/2012 - 12:59

Dear Sir,

My father is an ex-employee of south eastern railway, CKP. He was drawing his pension since 1998 and there were no problem he had faced till November, 2011. Every year he had submitted his Life-Certificate on November month (as instructed by SBI, Belauha branch, Basti, UP where he hold Pension account). In the same way he has also submitted Life-Certificate on November, 2011 for the year and coming year. He has last withdrawn his pension on November, 2011 and submitted the Life-Certificate. From November, 2011 to till date his pension is not credited to the SBI bank account and not able to withdraw the same from bank. My father asked for the reason to Bank Manager and manager replied my father has not submitted the Life-Ceritificate on November, 2011 and due to this his pension is not coming to the bank. When my father has explained he has submitted the certificate bank manager said might be certificate has misplaced and not sent to SBI Lucknow branch and also asked my father to resubmit the certificate. He did the same and submitted the certificate again on April, 2012 as directed by Bank Manager. Still after submitting the certificate my father's pension is not crediting in the bank account and Bank Manager is not explaining the reason why pension is not coming. As my father is not getting his pension almost from 1 year he is very upset and unable to find out the reason. For this matter what should we do and whom do we meet or contact. Please guide us. Looking forward your positive reply as soon as possible.

Thanks & regards,


Dear Sir,

Thanks for helping me out and for prompt response. When I was tried to fill the complaint in Bank ombudsman, found some difficulties.

BO Name: I don't know which one should I select. Could you please help me on this. 

Pension Account Bank Branch: KHESRAHA, Dist: SiDDHARTH NAGAR, BRANCH CODE: 3621

Thanks & regards,



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Arjun S/O - Ra… (not verified)

Wed, 19/09/2012 - 01:04

Respected Sir/Madam,

My Father Sri. RAM DIHAL SAH retired On Dated: - 31.07.1996 from North Frontier Railway employee from Siliguri (NFR) as  Desg.- MCN, PPO No.- 0207961323. They have received their pension regular from retire date to 31 July 2012. But, They have not got the pension amount of August 2012. They have gone to the pension related Bank and they told their problem about pension amount to the Bank Manager. But, The Bank Manager doesn’t take any responsibility and Bank Manager doesn’t give any satisfactory reply and they have told to my Father "What I do." 

       Therefore, I request to you kindly solved my Father's Pension problems please.

       I am always grateful to Your kind & co-operation.



    Rly. Emp.

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49 years 6 months

somasundaram (not verified)

Thu, 27/09/2012 - 15:49

respected madam/sir,


my father is completed the service in southern railway....qualifying service 33years now he get the pension.he retired 29-2-2008 he got the pension RS 4875+DA...after paycommision my father pension enchanced pension rs 6173+DA differ with office sending letter rs 8205+DA...differ can occured how to rectified the pension plz help me ....HOW TO GET THE SOLUTION




Sun, 28/10/2012 - 22:39


The Presiding Officer

Pension Adalat , Dec 2012

Divisional Railway Managers Office

Westron Rly , Mumbai Central

Ref: Revision of Family Pension-Smt.Madhuben J.Vashi widow of Late Shri  Jayantilal N Vashi Ex.Guard Churchgate Gr. Rs.1350-2600 IV pay scale -Rs.5000-   Rs. 8000 V Pay scale.

 Ref: PPO No:  BCT/PEN/E/789/90/2/32


I have made an appeal to the Pension Adalat held during Dec 2009 for revision of my husbands pension for Vth  & VIth Pay commission .At that that time I have already submitted all the papers but unfortunately only VIth Pay scale pension revision have been made from 1-1-2006 onwards vide FA & CA’s letter no. BCT/PEN/E/789/90/2/32 dated 18thMar 2011.There after I have send another application for the revision of Pension for remaining period from 9-8-1998 to 31-12-2005 but no successful efforts have been made so far for the reasons best know to the administration

In view of the position explained,   I request your personal intervene in the matter and arrange to revise Pension from 9-8-1998 to 31-12-2005 and payment of arrears for which act I shall remain ever grateful to you. The necessary documents available with me are  sent herewith for your immediate compliance of my very old case.

Yours Faithfully,

(Smt.Madhuben Jayantilal Vashi)

         Family Pensioner

Contact no - 9823096888

email id - [email protected]

C C  : FA & CAO ,W Rly Churchgate- for Information


SR DFM W RLY Bombay Central- for  Information and Similar Action  



(Smt.Madhuben Jayantilal Vashi)

      Family Pensioner


Rimpreet Kaur

Wed, 19/02/2014 - 15:40

Please note that my father, Late Sh. Harjit Singh , ex-Works Manager , CLW ( PPO No. CLW/1991/138) expired on 30th August 2003.After his demise the family pension got transferred to my mother's name, Mrs Balbir Kaur.

My mother, Mrs Balbir Kaur ,was drawing the family pension till her death ( 04.04.2012). I, Rimpreet Kaur, is her unmarried daughter with no source of income and I have submitted all the necessary supportive documents alongwith the application form ( GMA/PEN/UM/RK dated 21.01.2013)  to GM, office, Chittaranjan. Mr Jaishankar, Welfare Inspector , GM Office, CLW, had visited my residence in Mohali in August 2013 for verification. He had assured that the pension would get transferred to my name latest by December 2013 as government processes are slow and files move at a very slow pace. When I contacted hem in December 2013, he was evasive and told that CLW does not have any proof that my father was working with CLW.  This is surprising after having submitted all the forms and every necessary supporting documents.I even sent to them the sheet of pension disbursement calculation sent by the accounts department to my father, Mr Harjit Singh .

Now, I am being told that my family pension case has gone  to the accounts department, CLW  and do not know how much more time would it take.

I am single , unmarried and depending on my relatives to meet my daily needs and medical expenses. CLW, I would request your intervention so that the family pension gets transferred to my name with arrears. I am frustrated as it is difficult to call up the officials and either they dont pick the calls or just say that they dont know.

If the welfare inspector is helpless and has let so much time pass away, who can help us here?

Seeking your help and guidance.

Rimpreet Kaur



Sub: Family Pensioner Revision & Restoration of Family Pension from November 2004

My Aunty (mother sister) Smt C.Subbayamma was a Railway Family Pensioner (PPO No. NGP/PEN/BK-04/B-129/F-8)  since 22-07-1976. She drawn her pension till October 2004 and from November 2004 onwards her pension amount was not credited and stopped in her savings bank A/C No.043310013009455 (Andhra Bank, Ponnur, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh), due to non submission of life certificate. 

She submitted her latest life certificate on December 2013, to the respective bank branch manager. Hence, please release her pension immediately as she is facing severe financial problems including her food and medical expenses.

In light of this please restore her family pension as per the 6th PRC.




My father-in-law retired as a Chief TTE from Vizag.  He expired in the year 2000 and his wife expired prior to that. 

After his demise , his unmarried daughter seemed to have claimed the pension for a few years.. She also got married in the year 2002 and there is none in the family eligible for the pension. 

We are in receipt of the news that his pension is being claimed by somebody but as far as our knowledge goes the family members have not been claiming as they are not eligible.

How can we seek the details about the person claiming his pension and for how long has it been claimed? 

What measures are applicable in this case?



Mon, 28/04/2014 - 19:50

Hello, My father Mr. Prabhakar Dighe retired in 1983 as Assistant Controller of Stores from Mumbai. His pension grade was Rs. 800-1300. He feels that he should get benefit against basic pension of Rs.8475 from January 2006. Kindly advise us the procedure to claim the same.


Best regards,


Neha Kulkarni (daughter Of Mr. P.P. Dighe)



Wed, 11/06/2014 - 13:05

My mother smt Bimla Devi w/o Late Sh Shiv Narian drawing Family Pension From Nothern Railway through Dena Bank Karol Bagh New Delhi  and She completed 80 years age as on 1.1.2014 but her pension not revised 20% as per VIth Pay Commission O.M.No.38/37/08-p&PW(A) Pt.1 para 4.5 by bank authority and railway authority. The detials of Pension Account as under


PPO No.0186020443

Dena Bank A/c No. 013610001727

Starting Family Pension From 6.11.94



Your are requested kindly look into the matter and followup the matter for revised pension from 1.1.2014




Shiv Rattan Sharma,

N-3/B-2, Block N, Dilshad Garden




Fri, 04/07/2014 - 22:43

my father-in-law ex northern railway 's employee retired on 31/03/1988 and expired on 24/4/2011,at the time of his death he draw the pension amounting about Rs.19000.after this my mother-in-law the widow  has sanctioned the family pension Rs 8500 that is june'14 she received only Rs.9725 .i could not understand the calculation of family any one help me.


sontaina suryakumari

Mon, 02/11/2015 - 11:04

Dear sir,                                         2/11/15




I am railway pensoner bearing my PPO number : PPO No-SE/PEN/BSP/1997/B 779 BK-72/P-164


My name details: sontaina suryakumari  D/o V Manmadharao Ex Fitter/BMY


Could you clarify Through which site Will I log on to the railway pension site and through site will I  know up to date changes of my penson account

with respects


[email protected]


sontaina suryakumari

Mon, 02/11/2015 - 11:28


Namaste                                                      2.11.15


As you are aware November 15 will be the time for the submission for live certificate.

I will have  to submit the live certificate along with  PPO copy to the bank authorities.

Have  to submit as per the new and revised rules  any more certificates like AADHAR certificate,PAN card, E-mail details and mobile details.  Are these mandatory submission or  not?

Pl clarify


Sontaina surya kumari

PPO NO-SE/PEN/BSP/1997/B 779 BK-72/P-164




Thu, 26/11/2015 - 09:19

Dear sir

I am physically handicapped person. my was retired railway employee. he was 74 age. i am not working. lifetime i am staying with my parents. both are aged. my name already included my family complimentary pass id card with my post retirement railway hospital id . till i am taking in railway hospital perambur in chennai. my name was not included in the family pension book. my livelihood had been very difficult because of my  age. i am forty years old. i am  eligible to get the pension, but still now she haven't started getting the pension, has struggled a lot and has been visiting railway head office regularly 

can you help us out to resolve this issue, sir, its a humble request to you to kindly let me know the things to approach initially and who  to act in this situation,I really need your guidance and prayers

thanking you



Tue, 01/12/2015 - 21:38

Rspected All,

                     My grandfather was an Ex-driver in Malda division and expired 1 month ago, I have only his pension account no and nothing else like PPO or anything else,(might get destroyed or lost), so can any one assist me how I can start family pension for my grandmother?

Any one please kindly assist


rakesh yadav

Sat, 12/12/2015 - 18:13

नमस्कार सर
मै ALD मण्डल उ.म.रे मे स्टेशन मास्टर के पद पर कार्यरत हूँ ! मुझे फुटबॉल प्रेक्टिस के दौरान बायें घुटने मे चोट लग गई ! जिसमे acl ligament टूट गया ! जिसकी सुचना मैने sr DMO/MZP को दिया तथा उनके अधीन 29/04/2015 से RMC मे हूँ ! sr DMO/MZP को सूचना दे कर मैने मुम्बई मे प्राइवेट डॉक्टर से 05/05/2015 को अपने घुटने का ऑपरेशन कराया ! उसके बाद से केंद्रीय चिकित्सालय उ.म.रे ALD मे DMO/ALD (ORTHO) के निगरानी मे हूँ ! मेरा घुटना ठीक नही हुआ !
1- क्या रेलवे डॉक्टर दुबारा मुझे उसी घुटने के ऑपरेशन के बाध्य कर सकते है !
2-रेलवे डॉक्टर के अनुसार वर्तमान समय मेरा घुटना स्टेशन मास्टर पद के कार्य के लिये ठीक नही है इस संदर्भ मे रेलवे क्या करेगी !

Rekha Devi

Mon, 22/02/2016 - 18:29

Dear Sir,

This is for your information that my father Lt Umaram Nath was a ex N.F. Railway employee and draws his pension from Sate Bank of India, Kampur branch . He expired on 19 Sep, 2015 and we informed as well as completed all the formalities required to get the family pension in your esteemed branch in the month of October , 2015. But still no progress. Already for the last five months we are not getting any pension.

PPO Details of Lt Umaram Nath:

PPO No: 00409094849 Date: 16/02/2010
PPO issued to (Bank): The Manager, SBI, Main Branch, Nagaon.
Pension Paying Branch : SBI, Kampur
Pension Account : 30611621397( Joint account of Umaram Nath and Bina Devi)
Wife Name: Bina Devi (To whom family pension to be credited)
Expired Date of Umaram Nath : 18.09.2015

Family pension in favor of Bina Devi W/O Lt Umaram Nath have Passed earlier advance via PPo No 00409094849 dated 16/02/2010 which is handed to Umaram Nath at the time of retirement time.

For your information the PPO Scanned copy is attached herewith the mail. Please go through the PPO and do the needful at earliest as possible

Branch Details:

Branch/Office Name: KAMPUR TOWN
Branch Code : 11608
PIN Code : 782426
District : NAGAON
State : ASSAM
STD Code : 03672
Phone Number : 266215
Fax Number : 03672266234
Email ID : [email protected]
Branch Circle : NORTH EAST
IFS Code : SBIN0011608

Thanking in anticipation,

hello sir i am from nepal. My father,s pension was stopped since last year.. How can i know that is problem and where to contact. He was retired from Mumbai. Pls guide me....... 




   My father is gang man with above 35 yrs service. he can't feel well because of health condition. so we applied job by LARGESS scheme at Palakkad division on second cycle 2017 (june). but i didn't have any acknowledgement still. When ll i meet medical exam. Between this, we heard that scheme cancelled. 

                      Please clear me. 


To permalink

Hii I am abhineet my father is a pensioner of central railway his employe no. Is 02489600 and PPO no. Is 101032012000554 kindly update me regarding pension update in my registered email.


Dear Sir,

My father was retired from Eastern Railway and his  PPO Number is 02012329903 still ,he hasn't receive any amount of arrears till date. 
For this matter what should we do and whom do we meet or contact.Please guide us.Look forward your positive reply as soon as possible.


Sourav Mukherjee



Fri, 14/09/2018 - 14:07

Dear Team, 


I am retired on 31/07/2016.form indian railway and getting my pension on time, but till now the same amount is recieving without any change, not yet recived any DA amount from 31/07/2016 in amount . When tried to contact with pension office as well as Bank not getting any proper response.

Kindly guide for the same. Pension is the only source of income. 


Shyam narayan


I am a family pensioner of Indian Railway. My husband was working in Howrah Division. I get the family pension regularly. But last time due to my ill health, I could not submit my life certificate to my bank on time. I had submitted it on 15.12.2018. As a consequence of which I did not get the pension for the month of Nov'18 & Dec'18 till now. However, the pension for Jan'19 is credited to my account on 28.01.2019. Can you please look into & revert as to how I can get the pension for those two months. My pension account is with United Bank of India, Nabadwip Branch.

At present I am 83 years old & as per rules, I am supposed to get pension at an enhanced rate after attaining the age of 80 years. I do not whether I am getting the same or not. My letter to the authority remained unreplied. Can you please help me out ?

Probhati Chatterjee

PPO No. - 6377/15019/PSB/282

Hello Sirs.

I am writing in this portal to know about the transfer of my father's PPO from SECR(South Eastern Central Railway), Raipur in Chattisgarh to SR(Southern Railway), Kottayam in Kerala. Presently his account is in Bhilai and recently we have settled in Pandalam, Kerala. Now he is in tensed state of mind regarding his Pension. Please help with your suggestions.