Job Profile of Staff and Welfare Inspector (Personnel Inspector)

Staff and Welfare Inspector is a supervisory job in Personnel department of Railways. He will be working under Personnel Officer (APO/DPO/SPO) and can be posted either in Divisional/Zonal Headquarters or in Production Units/Workshops.

Duties of Staff and Welfare

  • Visit staff at stations or at workspot, find out and redress their grievances by approaching/contacting the concerned officer.
  • Educate staff in respect of their rights and responsibilities as provided in various laws.
  • Aid staff in sending appeals and representation in connection with disciplinary and establishment matters.
  • Explain staff about various welfare schemes and how to avail them.
  • Assist the Railway employees in need of medical help from hospitals.
  • Visit Railway colonies and take steps to improve sanction, maintenance of quarters, co-ordinate with concerned department for lighting and other facilities.
  • Help staff retiring in getting settlements and pension benefits and also to the families of deceased employees in getting dues.
  • Deal various activities of SBF(Staff Benefit Fund) including maintenance of fund & organize meeting etc.
  • Help the staff & their families in distress and natural calamities.
  • Visit periodically stations, colonies, place of work, workshops, hospitals, dispensaries, schools, Institutes, Welfare centre stations, sheds, depots and handicraft centers and report the drawbacks and suggest steps for improvements.
  • Inspect various registers pertaining to Personnel department like Muster Roll/Attendance Register, Quarters Register, Overtime Register, Staff Grievance Register, HOER file, Observance of HOER provisions, Rosters etc. for compliance of Rules and regulations in force.

Career path :

·         Chief Staff and Welfare Inspector (GP 4600)->

·         Assistant Personnel Officer (APO - Gaz.) ->

·         Divisional Personnel Officer (DPO)->

·         Senior Divisional Personnel Officer (Sr. DPO)

Qualification : Candidates having any one of the following qualifications:

a)               Diploma in Labour Welfare/Social Welfare

b)               Diploma in Labour Laws.

c)                LLB with paper(s) in Labour Laws.

d)               Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management awarded by an institution recognized by the Government of India.

e)                MBA with paper(s) in Personnel Management awarded by an Institution recognized by the Government of India. 

Selection Process : Procedure of recruitment for the post of Staff & Welfare Inspector will be  a Single Stage Written Examination followed by Documents Verification (Ref 1).

Salary and other perks


Pay Scale



Grade Pay



Initial Pay



Total Pay (i) + (ii )


Other Allowances depend on various conditions and hence can’t be stated uniformly. Other major allowances include :

Deductions from salary include 10% of total Pay towards New Pension scheme.


1.     Railway Board’s letter No. 2011/E(RRB)/25/18 dated 23/09/2011 (RRCB No. 02/2011)



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I want information regarding the conditions for including widow mother's name in privilege pass of her son who is appointed on compassionate basis.what should be her pension for the same as per 7th cpc