Leave and Vacation/Holiday Rules for school staff

  • Railway employee serving in a railway school shall not be entitled to any LAP in any year in which he avails the full vacation.
  • In respect of any year in which a Railway employee avails of a portion of the vacation, he shall be entitled to LAP in such proportion of 30 days, as the number of days of vacation not taken bears to the full vacation.
  • Shall be carried forward to the next half-year, subject to the condition that the leave so carried forward plus the credit for the half-year do not exceed the maximum limit of 300 days.
  • If, in any year, the Railway employee does not avail any vacation, Leave on Average Pay shall be admissible to him in respect of that year 30 days.

Working hours of Railway schools

  • Railway schools shall function for 6 hours and 10  minutes duration in a day (total 370 minutes) which shall include assembly/prayer time of 20 minutes at the start in the morning, a recess break of 30 minutes and a total of 8 periods of 40 minutes duration each, distributed evenly before and after the recess.

Vacations/holidays admissible to Railway School

  • Number of vacations/holidays admissible to Railway School teachers during the academic session shall be as below:

Summer vacations

50 days (starting from a date between 11th & 15th May)

Autumn break/Dussehra holidays

10 days (as per festival calendar)

Winter break

13 days (starting from 23 rd  - 24 th December)

  • The above is the normal schedule of vacations and Zonal Railways are at liberty to distribute these vacations as per local festival/customary requirements or climatic conditions but keeping the total to 73 vacations in a year.
  • 14 compulsory holidays including 3 national holidays to be observed as per calendar circulated by Railway Board every year.
  • 5 additional holidays from the list of optional holidays/ restricted holidays  as circulated by Railway Board every year, at the discretion of Zonal Railways.
  • Every Sunday shall be weekly off and every 2nd Saturday of the month shall also be a non-working day in Railway schools.



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I HAVE TO NEED CR RULE .(Under how many days I availed CR)

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