Fixation of Pay on Promotion

  • In the case of promotion from one grade pay to another in the revised pay structure, one increment equal to 3% of the sum of the pay in the pay band and the existing grade pay will be computed and rounded off to the next multiple of 10. (Ref 2)

  • In the case of calculation of increments under the revised pay structure, paise should be ignored, but any amount of a rupee or more should be rounded off to next multiple of 10. (Ref 4)

  • The increment amount will be added to the existing pay in the pay band. The Grade pay corresponding to the promotion post will be added to the pay in the pay band. If the pay in the pay band after adding the increment is less than the minimum of the higher pay band to which promotion is taking place, pay in the pay band will be stepped to such minimum.

  • Fixation of pay on promotion under CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, an employee has been promoted or upgraded to higher grade pay (MACP) have to submit an option form within one month.  (Ref 1& 2) A Railway Servant may give a revised option for fixation within one month from the date of orders of any change of rules or some unforeseen developments. (Ref 4)

  • Employee has an option to get his pay fixed in the higher post either from the date of his promotion, or from date of his next increment.  (Ref 1)

  • In case the railway servant opts to get his pay fixed from his date of next increment, then , on the date of  promotion, pay in the pay band shall continue unchanged, but the grade pay of the higher post will be granted.  Further refixation will be done on the date of his next increment i.e. 1st July.  On that day, he will be granted two increments; one annual increment and the second on account of promotion.  While computing these two increments, basic pay prior to the date of promotion shall be taken into account.  To illustrate, if the basic pay prior to the date of promotion was Rs.100, first increment would be computed on Rs.100 and the second on Rs.103.   (Ref 3)

  • In case the railway servant opts to get his pay fixed in the higher grade form the date of his promotion, he shall get his first increment in the higher grade on the next 1st July if he was promoted between 2nd July and 1st January.  However, if he was promoted between 2nd January and 30th June of a particular year, he shall get his increment on 1st July of next year.  (Ref 3)

  • Those who get their promotion between 2nd Jan and 30th June will get the additional benefit of one annual increment in the ACP/Promotion year itself, if they opt to defer their pay fixation for promotion to next grade to 1st July of the year at the loss of fixation benefit from promotion month to July of that year. This onetime loss will be very minimal while comparing long term benefit we get out of addition of one more increment in the year. Anyway, this onetime loss has also been minimized to the extent possible as the grade pay gets revised on the date of ACP/Promotion though the employee defer increment to July. (Ref 2)

The benefit of promotional pay will be allowed in the following cases of promotion even though the promotional post is with the same Grade Pay from 1.1.2006 onwards: (Ref 5)

Feeder Category

Promotional Category

Revised Pay structure (Pay Band /Grade Pay)

Chief Matron

Assistant Nursing Officer

PB3 GP Rs. 5400

Sr. Technician

Jr. Engineer

PB2 GP Rs. 4200

(i) Loco Pilot (Goods)

(ii) Loco Pilot (Passenger)

(iii) Passenger Guard

(i) Loco Pilot (Passenger)

(ii) Loco Pilot (Mail/Exp)

(iii) Mail/Express Guard

PB2 GP Rs. 4200

PB2 GP Rs. 4200

PB2 GP Rs. 4200

Sr. P.W. Supervisor

Jr. Engineer

PB2 GP Rs. 4200


1. Rule 1313 [FR22[I][a][1] Indian Railway Establishment Code Vol.II

2. Railway Board’s Notification No.PC-VI/2008/I/RSRP/I dated 04.09.2008 (RBE No.103/2008)

3. Railway Board’s letter No.PC-VI/2008/1/RSRP/1 dated 25.09.2008 (RBE No.132/2008, PC-VI No.22)

4. Railway Board’s letter No. PC-VI/2008/1/RSRP/1  dtd. 11.02.2009, RBE No.28/2009 (PC-VI No. VI/76)

5. Railway Board Letter No:   PC VI/2011/IC/1 Dated 12.09.2013( RBE No:  95/2013)



Tue, 15/05/2012 - 21:54

My friend after serving as Guard gets selected to CMI by examination oF RRB, applied through proper channell, will his prev length of  service be counted, and will his pay be fixed  adjusting 30% additional Basic Pay ?  

          I am working in Railway as Technician and I want to know what I get benefit under MACP & Promotion as no benefit is given to me under MACP. My details are as under:,

         1. I was appointed in Gr. D, GP 1800 on 15.03.1987,
         2. Completed 10 years in GP 1800 on 20.07.2001.,
         3. Promoted at GP 1900 on 17.10.2004.,
         4. Promoted at GP 2400 on 01.07.2012,
         5. My rate of pay is 9360 on 01.07.2008
         6. What is my next MACP & when

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siva (not verified)

Mon, 20/08/2012 - 15:37

i am siva my father was working in railway protection force in southern railway .sir MACP promotion to get the 4200Gp in 01/12/2010 but you has an 2years increment cut in the 01/07/2010 to 01/07/2012 so its an not give the GP in 01/12/2010 but its an take this GP IN 4200 is after the 01/07/2012 if its an 01/10/2010 to 01/07/2012 period is arrears are give or not sir

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siva (not verified)

Mon, 20/08/2012 - 16:11

i am siva my father was working in railway protection force at southern railway. if MACP method to upgrade the grade pay in 4200 in 01/12/2010 but if it's an 2years increment cut in this period of 01/07/2010 to 01/07/2012 so it's not take the upgrade GP in this period of 01/12/2010 but if had an take this GP 4200 is 01/07/2012. so it's arrears of the increment cut period is take or not sir

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vivek kumar gupta (not verified)

Wed, 29/08/2012 - 07:41


my current basic salary is 22280 [15600 + 5400 + 2 increment ]. i have got promotion to next gradee pay(6600). i would like to know

1 what my basic shuold be. 

2 what is the procedure for calculation.

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Diwakar (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 21:38

Dear sir,

               Mr X was working in 2400 grade pay. He got mutual transferred to another Division with the person, who was in 1900 grade pay. So Mr X,s grade pay was reverted to 1900. Now after working for about 3 years in grade pay of 1900, He got again promotion to 2400 grade pay. But while promotion this time he is not given promotion increment. Kindly clarify that whether he is eligible for promotion increment or not. 

                  I shall be thank full to you for your kind clarification.




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Vijay Vj (not verified)

Sat, 01/09/2012 - 23:35

I have promoted in August 2012 to grade pay of 7600 from 6600. My basic was 22980+6600=29580. Now I have been given an option for pay fixation. Kindly advise what will be beneficial for me? To opt from date of promotion or from July 2013?

Kindly advice, I will be highly grateful to you.



I got promotion from Goods guard to Sr goods guard, my cadre clerk added only 4200 GP to my basic. And told not eligible for promotional increment. Sir my doubt is guard cadre not eligible for promotional increment? But SMs are getting.

You have to ask hime the reason for not giving increment. You must have already got one increment. Understand that running staff are not only deprived of any privilages that other employees are getting, but also they are given so many privilages that other employees are not getting due to their peculiar nature of duties.


Mon, 12/02/2018 - 18:38

I m pass loco pilot of HYB div/SCR and in feb2016 selected as power controller not in div but in central control/SCR hq for in dec27of 2018 have been promoted as mail loco pilot but hq CPO is not effecting my promotion and telling to go back to parent unit to take promotion.i have not yet completed my tenure and as per rule during this period my carrier should progress without any problem. request advise. fr22c also say so

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Tue, 24/04/2018 - 23:06

Post ALP 

इस पोस्ट में ट्रेनिंग पीरियड कितना पेमेंट मिलता है सर और ट्रेनिंग पेमेंट साथ Every Month मिलता है या ट्रेनिंग पूरा होने के बाद देगा सर

7pay Commision…

Thu, 02/08/2018 - 17:16

Sir ji meri joining Group D mai 01/05/2012 h. GDCE se select hoker 30 Aug2016 to 5Jan 2017 tak Training karne ke bad 16 jan2017 ko Asst Loco Pilot ke post join kiya. es time meri besic 20300 GP1800 rs thi. Eske bad july2017 mai besic20900 & GP1800 tha fir Aug 2017 mai besic 21100 GP1900 kiya gaya aur Arior bhi mila. Abhi july 2018 mai besic 21700 kiya gaya h. par aap bataeye ki meri besic abhi sahi-sahi kitna hona chahiye

jabki mera besic 2013 mai Bharti huye Sathi ke barabar yani 21700 rs h jabki meri joining 01 May 2012 h

kya aisa ho sakta h sir ji ki ak incriment jan2018 mai mile aur just agla incriment july 2018 mai mil jay? 


Mon, 27/08/2018 - 13:06

Sir me 1.7.16 ki permot hua tha his vjah SE mujhse option form bhrvaya gya tha usme Mene Apne permotion ko 1.7.16 SE Lene ko mention Kia tha par mjhe 7th CPC Ka area nhi Mila kya mujhe arear milna chaiye ya nhi


Mon, 27/08/2018 - 20:20

Dear sir please help me. Mai 1.7.16 ko 1900 se 2400 g.p me permot hua tha 7th CPC se phle meri salary 9220 thi Jo 7th CPC lane ke bad ×2.57 krne ke bad 23050 ho gyi par minimum salary in 2400 g.p is 25500 so they fixed me on 25500 par us samay mujhe promotion increment nhi di gyi fir agli increment mujhe 1.1.17 ko di gyi or meri salary 26300 fix kar di gyi ab mujhe 1.5 yrs me 1.7.18 tak koi bhi increment bhi di gyi or inka kehna hai ki mujhe 1.7.17 ko 26300 par fix kiya Jana tha isliye tumhe recovery hogi ab ap mere case me help kijiye ki mujhe kitne salary or fix hona chahiye tha.