HOER Rules (Hours of Employment and Period of Rest Rules 2005)


  • Full night : period between 10 pm and 6 am
  • Long-on : a period of duty over 8/10/12 hours in case of Intensive/Continous/Essentially Intermittent workers respectively.
  • Roster : Document which shows the hours a Railway employee is expected to be on duty every day, the daily as well as weekly rest and break between spells of duty in a day.
  • Short-off : A period of rest which is

 - In case of Intensive workers less than 12 hours in a roster of six hours duty and less than 14 hours in a mixed roster of 6 and 8 hours duty.

 - In case of Continuous workers less than 10 hours.

 - In case of Essentially Intermittent workers less than 8 hours.

Authority to Classify

  • Power to declare the employment of a Railway employee Intensive or Essentially Intermittent vests with Head of the Railway Administration which can be delegated to Chief Personnel Officer.
  • During emergency situations it can be exercised by an Officer not below the rank of Senior Scale.
  • A copy of every declaration of classification shall be sent to Regional Labour Commissioner and if it is made by an Officer (Sr Scale) a copy to be sent to Head of the Railway Administration and Chief Personnel Officer.

Appeals against Classification

  • Any Railway employee aggrieved by a declaration of classification may prefer an appeal to Regional Labour Commissioner within 90 days of the date of declaration. RLC may after srutiny of documents or fresh job analysis may order for a change in classification.
  • Any Railway employee of Railway Administration aggrieved by a decision of Regional Labour Commissioner may prefer an appeal to the Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Labour before the expiry of 90 days from the date on which the decision of Regional Labour Commissioner is communicated.


  1. Continuous : The employment of a Railway employee is said to be continuous except when it is excluded or has been declared to be Essentially Intermittent or Intensive.
  2. Essentially Intermittent : The employment of a Railway employee is said to be Essentially Intermittent when it has been declared to be so by the prescribed authority on the grounds that daily hours of duty of the Railway employee normally include periods of inaction aggregating to 50% or more (including at least 1 such period of not less than 1 hour or 2 such periods of not less than half an hour each) in a tour of 12 hour duty (on the average over 72 consecutive hours) during which the Railway employee may be on duty, but is not called upon to display either physical activity or sustained attention.
  3. Excluded : The employment of a Railway employee is said to be Excluded if he belongs to any one of the following categories,
  • Railway employee employed in managerial or confidential capacity.
  • Armed guards or other personnel subject to discipline similar to that of any armed police forces.
  • Staff of the railway schools imparting technical training or academic education.
  • Such staff as may be specified as supervisory.
  • Matrons
  • Sisters-in-charge
  • Matrons not on regualar shift duty in Railway Hospitals
  • Health Educators and District Extension Educators
  • Family Planning Field workers
  • Lady Health Visitors
  • Auxiliary nurses-cum-midwives
  • Projectionists.
  • Other categories prescribed.
  • 4 . Intensive : The employment of a Railway employee is said to be Intensive when it has been declared to be so by the prescibed authority on the ground that it is of a strenous nature involving continued concentration or hard manual labour with little or no period of relaxation. 

Supervisory Staff

  • Ministry of Labour by written order specify Railway employees or classes of Railway employees as supervisory on the ground of holding a position of responsibility employed on duties mainly of supervisory character and because of his nature of work comparitively free to adjust his hours of duty or work.
  • Copy of every such order shall be send to Chief Labour Commissioner, New Delhi.

Criteria for Classification

  1. Continuous : All Railway employees except those excluded from Hours of Employment Regulations are assumed to be 'Continuous'. Thereafter on the basis of factual job analysis, it may be classified as Essentially Intermittent or Intensive.
  2. Intensive : Two important factors in declaring and employment as Intensive are : (i) strenuous nature of the work tending to cause mental or physical strain (ii) continuous application to such work with little or no period of relaxation. Thisis considered to have been satisfied where period of inaction or relaxation do not aggregate 6 hours or more in a cycle of 24 hours or one hour or more in a shift of 8 hours.
  3. Essentially Intermittent : If daily duty hours which should be assumed to be 12 hour/day include 
  • one period of inaction of not less than one hour or two such periods of not less than half an hour each AND
  • various periods of inaction (including that above) aggregating 50% or more during which he is not called upon to show either physical activities or sustained attention.
  • NOTE : In calculating above, periods of inaction of less than 5" shall be ignored.
  Standard Hours Statutory Limit(Sec 132 of Railways Act 1989) Preparatory & Complementary work
Intensive 42 h /week 45 h /week 3 h /week
Continuous 48 h /week 54 h /week 6 h /week
Essentially Intermittent 48 h /week + 12/24 h additional hours* 75 h /week 3 or 4 1/2 h /week *

* (i) Gateman 'C' , Caretakers, Chowkidars & Saloon Attendant and Railway employees in roadside stations provided with quarterswithin 0.5 km of place of duty - 24 h additional duty and 3h/week Preparatory & Complementary work

  (ii) Other Railway employees in EI roster -  - 12 h additional duty and 4 1/2 h/week Preparatory & Complementary work

  • Preparatory & Complementary work is treated as:
  1. When it is less than 15 min - not treated as duty, not exhibited in roster
  2. 15 min to less than 45 min (Continuous ) - half an hour
  3. 45 min to 1 hour (Continuous ) - one hour
  4. For Intensive & EI 15 min to 30 min is treated as half an hour
  • Total hours for Preparatory & Complementary work shall be fixed so as not to exceed maximum hours.

Running Staff

  • Running staff will have a link roster with standard hours 104 hours and statutory limit of 108 hours.
  • Link should be such that it wont exceed 10 hours from "signing on" to "Signing off".
  • They are given 4 periods of rest 30 consecutive hours or 5 periods of 22 consecutive hours each including a full night.

Split duty

  • Spells of duty shall not exceed 3 and no of breaks not to exceed two.
  • In case of employment of Continuous nature Railway employee whose place of residence is beyond 1.6 km from the place of duty seven hours of split duty shall be treated as equivalent to 8 hours of normal duty.
  • While preparing rosters long on and short off shall be avoided.





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Raj kumar E&RC… (not verified)

Sat, 18/08/2012 - 21:53

I am working in capacity of E&RC at Nakodar station and smt namrita pathak ERS nakodar working at    Jalandhar cantt and her salary  has been charged at NRO station.Secondly thereis only one booking clerk has been posted and one vacancy of HBC is vacant.  vice this vacancy of HBC the E&RC isbeing utelized on UTS which is very difficult to handle the passengers standing in the que of persons also standing for obtaining the reservation of berths and Tatkal Seva because there are so many trains running between the hours of Passengers reservation system i.e 8-00hrs to 14-hrs every day.sir in a time both systems operation means a lot of public complaints at this station every day.

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s. prabhakar (not verified)

Mon, 20/08/2012 - 17:12

DEAR SIR,    My Revised Basic Pay for ESM-Gr.I was Rs.13240 with GP 2800 on date 01-01-2008. I was undergoing punishment with 36 MNR (3 years) withholding annual increments due on 01-07-2009 and the punishment was completed on 01-07-2012. In between the same period, I got the promotion as Senior Technician/signal in Pay Band Rs. 9300-34800, with GP 4200  on 13-06-2011.       You kindly clear my doubt, from which date I could get my Promotion and being effected. Is there any possibility to get my arrears of promotion from June -2009. I got ESM Gr.I promotion in march -2002 and up to march -2012 for 10 years I did not get promotion, with this case; Am I eligible for MACP increment . After adding my previous increments, i.e., 7-2009, 7-2010 and 7-2011;  to my existing  pay..

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Guest (not verified)

Tue, 28/08/2012 - 21:54

I am working as T.T.E. in train. I am off from my duty on sunday 5am, 26th august. My next duty in link is on monday 27th august at 22.30 hr. Will the duration between sunday 5 am to monday 22.30 counted as weekly rest ?

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Ratheesh (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 02:50

dear sir/madame

i was working as TE in Railways. i got appointment in state service. im not yet completed my bond period.so i submitted application for Technical Resignation. They have accepted and relieved under a bond that should serve the state govt: for the remaining bond period.

my question is that,

can i revert to my Railway service?

may i get the same seniority?

what is the procedure for reversion?


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Guest (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 09:25

i am working as TTE in 12825/12826 samparkkranti express ex-Ranchi to New Delhi. commencing my duty from Ranchi on monday 23.30 hrs and arrived New Delhi at 21.40 hr( tuesday). Again started from New Delhi at 7.25( wednesday) and arrived Ranchi at 5.00 ( thurs).What are my duty hrs and how much hrs I can take rest ?

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Guest (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 09:38

I am working as TTE ,after being off from duty how much hrs I can take rest at restroom and what is the min hrs I can take rest at headquarter being off from duty ??

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Abdul Sattar (not verified)

Fri, 31/08/2012 - 20:44

I Abdul 21yrs old want to ask you some question i want to join as a TC in railway but my problem is I got 45% in SSC board , 47% in HSC board , and 56.19% in my graduation.When I saw the eligibility for TC on RRB Mumbai site it says that candidate should have 50% marks in SSC (10th std)which I don't have will I be eligible for a TC job in future. 


Wed, 22/11/2017 - 23:02

Sir I am srcc at south eastern railways.i work in a passenger halt and here 2 staff work for 12hrs/shift and get 2 rests in a week..now since 2nd nov  we weren't provided rest and I worked till 15th ..on 16th which was supposed to be my rest day I didn't come as no prior notice in written of abrogating the rest was given to me..a day later section ci asked me to attend office on second rest day n I came only to find that I have been marked absent on my rest day..what should I do.?


Sat, 20/01/2018 - 14:42

Respected sir,i am loco pilot goods/sa/sr.i request you to (I) crew working duty hours and when i eligible for demand relief.(!!)head quatrass on duty call serving policy details. (!!!)Hq bypassing policy also.please explain the above three issues. Thanking you sir

Dear sir 

    I would like to say against leave and periodically rest  if I'm taking leave today next day is this eligible to PR(PERIODICAL REST)  plz send leave and pr table  and GOVERNMENT ORDER 


Tue, 14/08/2018 - 16:18

My family pension is still not started till date after death of my husband on 27th April due to only ignorance about the knowing  procedures of starting pension  in bankura central bank.  

My husband's P. P. O.  No PEN/SE/ADA/1997/B-350/PS/F/2345



Sat, 19/01/2019 - 14:45

Dear respected sir, I am working as a senior commercial clerk in kota division, wcr

At my headquarter there is a c roaster, I am working as a RG (rest giver). I give the rest for three days in booking & one day in prs. Rest tow days I goes to other station which is having E I roaster. I want to know that for rest two days I do 12 hours working (extra 4 hours of duty in a day then in a period of 14 days that is 16 hours extra duty.) For that 16 hours of extra duty I am eligible for over time or C R for that 16 hours of extra duty .

Pls give me the proper rule of working in c roaster & ei roaster.

Thanks & Regards 

Hitesh Sharma

Sr. Commercial clerk

Kota division. WCR