Assistant Loco Pilot (ALP)

Previously known as Assistant Driver.

  • Job profile: He assists Loco Pilot in Driving or piloting the train. Job require continuous attention and high degree of responsiveness. Your response to situations are tested by an Aptitude test. You will assist Driver in performing his duties including calling out signal as soon as one is sighted, fine-tuning Loco ,attending minor repairs of the Loco.
  • The strenuous nature of the job is compensated by allowances of which the important one is Running Allowance. You are paid Running Allowance based on the monthly kilometres on the run.
  • Career path : ALP's next promotion is Sr. ALP followed by LP. After becoming LP one can write also exams for Power Controller, Crew Controller, Loco Foreman (Loco supervisor) . These posts have the added advantage of getting Running Allowance without actually running.
  • Qualification : Matriculation or equivalent undre 10+2 system and Course Completed Act Apprentice or ITI recognised by SCVT/NCVT or Diploma in Mecahnical/Electrical/Electronics/Automobile Engg recognised by AICTE or higher qualification.
  • Selection Process : Written Examination followed by Aptitude Test and Document Verification.
  • Salary and other perks


Pay Scale
5200 – 20200
Grade Pay
Initial Pay
Total Pay (i) + (ii )



  • Other Allowances depend on various conditions and hence cant be stated uniformly. Other major allowances include :
    DA on Total Pay above plus the running Allowance
    Transport Allowance
    Running Allowance
    House Rent Allowance(if not provided with quarters
  • Deductions from salry include 10% of total Pay towards New Pension scheme.



does correspondence qualification in any stream like BE , B.Com , BSc , 10+2 ( puc 2nd year) , DIPLOMA  in any stream which is recognized by DEC ( distance education council )  , UGC . is valid for recruitment in railways for post like ALP/TC/ECRC/TTE ???????

arinjoy ghosh

Sun, 18/11/2012 - 21:16

sir any railway  officer can help me  how many marks there in  every part of  aptitude test   or  all sub exam in phycotest, are every part of sub exam contained  same marks or not? and after pass the cut off marks of  every sub exam of phyco test which procedure the  number are collect  of every sub exam of phycological test? please help me anyone sir i really confused and getting tension please any one help me......

after hw many years service in group d post like porter , trackman etc , v can b eligible to b promoted / write departmental exam for group c post like tte , alp , ecrc , etc..... ..

sir, i am going to seek appointment on cg with intermediate. i want to join as commercial clerk i was confused about types of clerks. are there any types if so give me information. what's promotions i get if i join as cc. what will be my first month salary pls reply kindly....

Yes there are different types of Clerks.
Commercial Clerk issue tickets, do parcel booking etc.
Office Clerk do the office work.
Train Clerk prepares train documents.
Promotion depends on many conditions. You can expect promotion to Sr. Clerk in 10 plus years.

sir, i am going to seek appointment on cg with intermediate. i want to join as commercial clerk i was confused about types of clerks. are there any types if so give me information. what's promotions i get if i join as cc. what will be my first month salary pls reply kindly....

sir is der any courses conducted by railway ministry for d sake sake of recruitment , ... except leaving diploma courses .. courses based on 10th r 10+2 ..

after getting selected as ALP / TTE ..... our duty tymin ll b during day tym / nyt tym ... n wt is d minimum hrs to work a day as ALP .... n hw our posting ll b done .. ????

can any body please tell me when will the aptitude test result of alp be published?i mean,how much time it will take to publish the aptitude test result?say for example when will the result of Bangalore alp aptitude test result be published?and how much  % in each sub set of aptitude test is enough to get some one passed in this test(approximately)?smiley

rajesh jena

Wed, 05/12/2012 - 21:57

hello admin

                    pls reply whether a student is eligible to appear in alp or not

ravindra lakhara

Thu, 06/12/2012 - 16:58


       may i know that when the result of ALP aptitude(psychology) test, RRB ajmer, will come?

This test was conducted on 16.10.2012 at ajmer.

After getting the result of aptitude test, medical and document verification are two separate steps or one common step left?

Please guide.

rrb thirubanatapuram has declared alp aptitude test result CEN NO.01/2011 on 13 Dec 2012 on their official web site.those who haven't checked yet go and any body know when kolkata rrb will announce the result of alp aptitude test?

arinjoy ghosh

Mon, 24/12/2012 - 19:31

sir can u help me plz ,when rdso selected cut of marks of aptitude test of each 40% or 50% ,then after how join the marks as a pecentage or number bassis because every part of aptitude test carries various number ? 24,10,72,96 like various number contained various vart of aptitude test plz u give me explain how the number are join marks wise or percentagewise per sub test of aptitudetest?


The number of vacancies indicated in the centralised  employment notice is provisonal may increased or decreased or even become NIL depending upon the actual needs of the Railway administration.the adminstration aslo reserve to cancel the notified vacancies at it discretionand such decision will be final and binding on all.Inthe event of cancellation of notified vacancies,the exam fees will not be refunded.

Dear Sir


i was given the JE Signal Exam of RRB Ahamdabad at Ahamdabad on 9 th September 2012, Sir JE Signal's Question paper has three set of Question booklet out of these one paper is very easy( it have as per sylabus that as per the Engineering which are eligible for same as per the Employment notice) & other two sets are tough that is only 10% question of technical side (technical question 90 question asked) related to E&CE/EL/Com/IT & about 90% questioned were asked out of syllabus that asked from material science & mechanical engineering.

So those candidate who get easy set of question paper they score higher then  that who got tough (out of sylabus) set of question paper.


can we get the three set of question paper through RTI? so we can justify the our statement that i given above


ls help


i am trac kman( group  d  ,  engineering department)  recently join in railway   so   can i request  transfer    other department     if  i  eligible  transfer other department   

how to apply change for  department ?