Ad hoc and Officiating promotions

Ad hoc promotions

  • Whenever  ad  hoc  promotions  are  found  inescapable  in  selection  posts  in  the  exigency  of  service,  the  same  should  be  ordered  only  from  amongst  the  senior-most  eligible  staff . (Ref 1)
  • As  a  rule,  a  junior  should  not  be  promoted,  ignoring  his  senior  unless  the  competent  authority  ordering  the  ad  hoc  promotion,  considers  him  unsuitable.   (Ref 1)
  • Normally seniors shall be promoted, but to avoid change of station for a short period locally available junior may be promoted. (Ref 1)
  • Ad  hoc  promotions  may  be  made  in  leave  vacancies  and  short  duration  vacancies  upto  4  months  beyond  which  period  the  FA  &CAO  should  not  draw  the  pay  of  concerned  employee  unless  the  Chief  Personnel  Officer  has  personally  approved  the  continuance. (Ref 1)
  • There  shall  be  no  ad  hoc  promotions  in  non-selection  posts.
  • In  any  case  no  second  ad  hoc  promotion  should  be  allowed  under  any  circumstances.   
  • Reservation quota rules will apply.
  • Ad hoc promotions will not give benefit of seniority.
  • Where ad hoc promotions are inescapable these are ordered only for short duration upto 4 months. In no case second ad hoc promotion will be allowed.

Officiating promotions

  • It is promotion for the time being against post of another person.
  • Officiating can be with or without limit of time.
  • Officiating pay will be given subject to minimum period indicated.

For shift duty staff, SM/ASM, unskilled workers to work as Shunting porters, TTE, Shunting Jamedar.

No limit

Headquarters, Zonal, Workshop offices

45 days

Other offices

Minimum 30 days continuous or 60 days total of chain vacancies. In exceptional cases HOD may order minimum 21 days.

Where change of category within same group is involved ie, TNC, YM, APWI etc.

14 days

  • Officiating arrangement in the leave vacancies of Group A and  B officers is allowed if the vacancy is for 30 days and above on the Zonal Railways, Production  Units and other railway units and for 46 days and above in the Railway Board and Research, Design and Standardisation Organisation.  (Ref 2)

Proforma promotion

  • An officer on deputation/training whose promotion in his cadre has become due may by a special order given a Proforma promotion and granted the pay, provided the officer is fit otherwise and vacancy exceed 90 days.

1. Rule 216 of Indian  Railway  Establishment  Manual.
2. Rule 208 of Indian  Railway  Establishment  Code


I am working as adhoc Office superintendent in meantime some vacancy for tenure basis from rrb for post of sr.clerk is and ch.o.s I want to go there what is fixation of my payment and which post is eligible

Boddepalli Ramu

Wed, 25/07/2018 - 12:12

My Dear intellects of Railway Establishment,

May Please Explore and Share your Conscious or awareness on the below sought querries which is Contemporary burning problem in many Offices.

As every body Knows , there are 04 different cadre Posts are functioning in Ministerial Cadres in all Departments of Railways as per 7th CPC. those are,.

1. Jr.Clerk-Level-4       2.Sr.Clerk-5         3.Office Superintendent-Level-6       4.Ch.Office Superintendent-Level-7

Above posts are Different separate cadres , Scales of pay, responsibilities are also different; provided privileges are also different.....

But some of the Officers are  Discriminately Posting Vice Versa in place of all above categories casually without adhering the hierarchy principle . And giving clarifications that All Designations and Posts are parallel and Identical. But providing the wages and Pay are as per the their Grade and Post. Even One employee needs to Promote to his next cadre post . so many selection procedures are in vogue, training programes also should qualify. Even for Officiating promotion also it is required to post Immediate senior most is required to post....

Please share your views on the above acceptable or to rejectable???



Wed, 26/06/2019 - 17:56

सर मै कोर इलाहाबाद मे कार्यरत हु। मेरा adhoc सीनियर क्लर्क मे वेतन 44500 चल रहा था । वाद मे division के द्वारा मुझे कार्यालय अधीक्षक 4200 मे प्रमोशन दे दिया गया और रेल विधुतिकरण द्वारा मुझे कन्फ़र्म कर दिया गया लेकिन मेरा पे 37600 पर फिक्स कर दिया गया और मुझे पे protection का लाभ नहीं दिया गया। जो की गलत है। इस संबंध मे रेल्वे बोर्ड का कोई पत्र या सर्क्युलर है जिससे मुझे pay protection  दिया जा सके । क्योकि अभी भी मै  कोर/इलाहाबाद मे ही कार्य कर रहा हु। मेरा बेसिक तो  division जाने पर कम होगा ।  अगर कोई सर्क्युलर हो तो सर प्लीज  मुझे बताया जाय ।