Control Office Application (COA)

  • Control Office Application (COA) is comprehensive software for the automation of Control Charting at a railway divisional control office.
  • COA is intended to replace the tedious manual plotting of running trains on a chart.
  • The core functionality of the control charting with ergonomics is intended to provide the Traffic Controllers good look-and-feel and user-friendly work environment.
  • The integration with allied systems like FOIS, NTES and COIS will be facilitated through a Central Application Server at CRIS in future.
  • The flow of data on real time basis to adjoining divisions will mark a significant breakthrough in the train operations without dependency on human interference.
  • The application will have interfacing capability with Data Logger to capture data pertaining to train movements in the final version of the product.


Benefits of COA

  • Better planning and decision-making in train operations.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
  • Fully Automated work environment.
  • Aid to the controller in terms of efficiency, precision & time management.
  • Leverage to Controller's Experience in decision making through manual forecast.
  • Real time information on train operation without human dependence.
  • Backbone system for sharing of data between allied systems.

Functionalities of COA

  • Train Ordering
  • Maintain Train Information
  • Manage Train Movement (Abnormal Working, Stabling, Banker Movement)
  • Report Unusual Occurrences.
  • Management of Maintenance Blocks
  • Caution Orders
  • Plot Graph.
  • Advance Plotting _ System / Manual
  • Maintain referential data
  • MIS Reports
  • Yard Management Siding
  • Miscellaneous Functions
  • View Station Layout

Intended Audience

  • Operation Managers
  • Train Controllers
  • Key functionaries of sister departments.