Daily Allowance(Popularly known as TA)

  • Known as TA among Railway employees. (TA is rarely paid as most of the official duties are performed by Train).
  • Daily Allowance is paid for official journey beyond 8 km from headquarters.
  • It is paid based on duration of absence from headquarters in the following scale:

Absense from headquarters


Not exceeding 6 hours


Above 6 hours and upto 12 hours


Above 12 hours


Rates of Daily Allowance(from 1.1.2014)

Grade Pay

Full Rate

GP 10000 and above

Rs. 780

GP 7600 to 8900

Rs. 690

GP 5400 to 6600

Rs. 600

GP 4200 to 4800

Rs. 510

GP below 4200

Rs. 315

  • Admissible on transfer also.
  • Admissible to family of Railway servant who dies while in service.
  • Reemployed person may also be granted Daily Allowance.
  • For long tours it may be given in advance.


1. Railway Board Letter No: F(E)I/2008/AL-28/14 dated 01.12.2008 

2. Railway Board Letter No: F(E)1/2011/AL-28/18 New Delhi, dt. 29.04.2014(RBE No:  39/2014)