Encashment of LAP at the time of availing Pass/PTO

  • Upto 10 days of LAP can be encashed  at the time of availing Pass/PTO subject to the following conditions.
  1. Balance of at least 30 LAP should be available at the credit of the Railway employee after taking into  account the LAP encashed and LAP taken for this purpose.
  2. Total LAP encashed during the total career of a Railway Employee should not exceed 60 days.
  3. Successive encashments cannot be made before a minimum period of 2 years has elapsed.
  • The period of two years for the purpose of successive encashment of LAP shall be with respect to a two year block, the first one commencing from 1.9.2008 and ending on 31.08.2010 with respect to the outward journey performed. The next block would commence from 1.9.2010 and end on 31.08.2012 and successive blocks would follow similar pattern.
  • Cash equivalent = (Pay in Pay band + GP )/30 * LAP encashed(max 10 days).
  • Calculation will be based on the pay at the time of availing Pass/PTO.
  • Railway employees who are directly connected with the running of trains like Loco Pilots, Station Masters, Guards are exempted from the requirement of taking equal number of LAP during encashment.
  • In order to claim encashment of LAP while availing Privilege Pass/PTO, in terms of the provisions contained in Rule 540-A/R-I, 1985 Edition and as modified/clarified from time to time, Railway employees are required to avail leave, including casual leave. Holidays, including Restricted Holidays, do not come within the ambit of the definition of leave for the aforesaid purpose.


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