House Rent Allowance(HRA)

  • HRA is paid for a Railway employee who doesn’t have Government accommodation facility.
  • It is paid with respect to the headquarters of the employee without connection with the actual place of stay.
  • For the purpose of HRA cities are classified based on population as follows:




Rate of HRA

50 Lakhs and above



5-50 Lakhs



Below 5 Lakhs




  • There is no need to produce rent certificate.
  • For those whom Railway Accommodation is specifically earmarked or whose occupation of quarters is essential for easy accessibility during emergencies etc. will not be be paid HRA even if they surrender or do not occupy it.
  • In case of temporary transfer HRA with respect to the old headquarters will be paid. On expiry of 180 days or when transfer becomes permanent HRA will be paid as per the new station.
  • Railway employees who are eligible for quarters but who (i) do not submit application (ii) apply but refuse to accept allotment or (iii) after accepting surrender quarters may be paid HRA if otherwise eligible.