Leave on half average pay(LHAP)

  •  All Railway employees permanent or temporary other than those serving in a railway school are eligible for LHAP.
  • 20 days LHAP in a calendar year.
  • No restriction on accumulation.
  • May be granted on medical certificate or on private affairs.
  • It may be commuted by surrendering 2 days of LHAP for one day of LAP without any limit in case of medical grounds, and upto 180 days in other cases. However if a Railway employee does not return to duty after commuted LHAP is over it shall be reconverted to LHAP. 
  • LHAP that can be availed of in one spell shall be limited to 24 months (whether combined with any other kind of leave or not ).
  • Shall be credited in advance in two instalments of 10 days each on January 1st and July 1st of every calendar year(except school staff).
  • The leave shall be credited to the leave account at the rate of 5/3 days for each Completed Calendar Month of service While affording credit of half pay leave fraction of a day may be rounded off to the nearest day. 



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Ajimuddin Aham… (not verified)

Fri, 24/08/2012 - 23:24

According to the information provided in this site we, the teachers of railway schools are eligible for neither LAP nor LHAP. So being the vacation staff we will not be ill between vacation, we do not require leave for other purpose. Is it possible to pass the whole year with 8 CL?

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shiv pandey (not verified)

Tue, 11/09/2012 - 21:52


I want to know about to railway school staff  how to avail HLAP  in private affair & how HLAP  commuted in to LAP leave .

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shiv pandey (not verified)

Tue, 11/09/2012 - 22:07


I want to know about to railway school staff  how to avail HLAP  in private affair & how HLAP  commuted in to LAP leave .


Wed, 06/02/2013 - 14:15

I came on 5 days leave to my native village after prior approval of the competenent authority. Due to illness of my mother  i could not join the office on time and joined after 15 days in january this month. My ADN has rejected my application for extention of my leave or to convert the entire period of leave into LAP. I have joined theservice in Sept 2012. My pay has not been paid to me. Whether the action of my officer was in order or i can be granted extended period of leave instead of non payment of salary. kindly guide.


Sick Memo can be issued by any supervisor. It is just an advise to Railway Doctor that the mentioned employee report that he is not feeling well.  On the basis of the report it is the Railway Doctor who decide whether you have to be admitted in the hospital, whether you are unable to perform duties. In the second case Doctor will issue a Sick certificate informing that the employee is unable to perform duties as he is Sick and when he is fit he issue a Fit certificate.

when you will ill then inform your department and get G 92 certificate and go to your railway hospital and doctor will be give rest for some days. you will get a sick certificate from hospital and submit this certificate in your office. after you will fit for duty then you will get fit certificate from your rly. hospital and submit it in your related office for resuming your duty. 

braj mohan sinha

Wed, 11/12/2013 - 18:59

I am a commerial supervisor in the ner and i was on rly sick, but after a few days the rly doctor issued fit certificate when i was still not feeling well. I therefore went to my private doctor, who after examnation reported me private sick which i immediately posted to my HQ. Later when i came back on duty i was referred to rly doctor for fitness certificate, which after re-examination was provided. The problem arose when i went to my AM for grant of commuted leave he strongly refuted me and issued sf- 11 for the period on pmc. Was i wrong despite informing my HQ on time and what the rule says in this particular case. Plz help.

Dear Sir, You may be aware of the fact that Railway teachers have NO LAP at all (as per 6th C.P.C.)

Since the basic concept of Leave is that an employee may need it either for private affairs or for medical reasons.

Unlike  other rly employees who get LAP,the teachers get only LHAP.It is said that this leave can only be availed of on medical ground & not for private affairs thus a medical certificate is a 'MUS'T'  in this case!

This has been posing a very painful situations to the teachers since the 6th C.P.C.

The teachers have no other leaves except 8 CLs.

Any mishap or even good ones can not happen during vacations only---whether a marriage or a death !!

Please throw some light on this bizarre issue telling the factual position whether LHAP can be availed of for private affairs without any medical certificate or not.

If medical certificate is mandatory,pl advise what should be done by the teachers----I mean as per the norms & procedures of service conduct rules.



Whether LHAP be pre sanctioned or post sanctioned?

can be post sanctioned for one day sickness without medical certificate?

Can avail LHAP for children's sickness?

Hello,good day. I'm kumar working as an asst.loco pilot.
I want to know whether casual leave requires sanction or not.
What will happen if leave not ssanctioned and I am not available at that time.

I have more than 5 cl remaining.
Thanks in advance

dalchand nayak

Sun, 21/06/2015 - 16:44

Dear sir
I m still waiting list rrb ADI JE TRS CAT 44 1/2012
when confirmation will come plz tell me any chance for me
Pzl sir informed me ...thanking ypu