Pay and Allowances for Railway Employees

  • Even though Railway Board has powers to make the policy decisions independently remuneration Policy of Railways of Railways has been based on the remuneration policy of the Government of India.
  • Thus the salary and Allowances of Railwaymen are on par with Central Government employees revised from time to time on the lines of the recommendations of Central Pay Commissions.
  • So far six Central Pay Commissions have been formed from 1946.
  • Cost of Living index has been one of the factors considered while fixing the wages by successive Pay Commissions.
  • Salary of a Railway employee consists of Pay and Allowances. 
  • Allowances are calculated based on the pay and these allowances are meant to offset the raising cost of living/special conditions necessitating some special allowances.
  • Besides Productivity Linked Bonus is paid every year even though Indian Railways are not covered by the provisions of Payment of Bonus Act 1956.


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Guest (not verified)

Tue, 04/09/2012 - 06:56

respected sir. my joining date 18 Jan.2010 and grade pay 1900 , sir my basic pay 6310 as 01sep2012 my fiction is correct ya incorrectly pleased clearlyft...

Dilip Kumar Jagtap

Thu, 22/11/2012 - 23:51

 My Question is that if a Guard accompanying Railway SPORTS Team as coach, on duty Ex.INDIA, whether he is eligible for TA of  that country, applicable to another non-running category employee  which will be higher than what a Guard  may get as ALK or allowance in lieu of Kilometreage

Nirmal Kumar Ghosh

Sun, 10/03/2013 - 18:06

We have joined as Tr. Junior Engineer and our training period was 18 months and in that time our pay was 11360, But as per GM's special order our training period has been curtailed from 18 months to 12 months. Will you say me whether we will get the full basic(i.e.13500). and the actual rules.

Nirmal Kumar Ghosh

Sun, 10/03/2013 - 18:39

I have joined as Tr. Junior Engg on 20-03-2009 having pay 11360. In that time expected duration of our training period was 18 months. Then as per special order of GM for curtailment of training, I was absorbed  as junior engineer within 12 months on 01-04-2010. In that time my basic was fixed 13500. And I was given the first increment on October-2010 i.e. after 18 months. I want to focus on the matter that I was given the first increment after 18 months from the date of my joining. But as per the latest circular of the finance ministry, I think,I should get  increment on 20-03-2010 and on 01-07-2010 ,instead of only October-10. Please suggest me what i should do. I will be very greatfull if you meintion the exact rules.  

Rule 302 of IR Establishment Manual says: 

" In  case  the  training  period  of  a  direct  recruit  is  curtailed  in  the  exigencies  of  service,  the  date  of  joining  the  working  post  in  case  of  such  a  direct  recruit  shall  be  the  date  he  would  have  normally  come  to  a  working  post  after  completion  of  the  prescribed  period  of  training."

Sofixation of pay will be done on completion of 18 months. You should have been given first increment on July 2010 based on GP 2800 and Should have refixed again in October 2010 on the basis of GP 4200.


Fri, 06/09/2013 - 12:44


     I have written the examination for ticket collector/Ticket examiner. I want to know the difference between ticket collector and ticket examiner. I also want to know the pay scales of ticket collector and ticket examiner. Please tell me about the promotion channels for ticket collectors. what is the basic salary of Traveling Ticket Examiner? Please tell me 

I am selected as JE/TRD through LDCE 25% and my training is started on 24/06/2013 at Eraniel TSS. What is the payment or stipend authorized for me during one year on job training. Now I am getting Tech-lll payment only. There was no option asked for stipend or payment. I requested to my clerk to change payment as applicable. She denied by saying that there is no new scale during training for LDCE JE. Therefore my request to give an answer with relevant proof of railway letter or order for LDCE 25% JE Payment or stipend.
Thanking you

Udayachandran B
Trivandrum Division

NO PAY FIXATION DURING TRAINING: Dear Udaya Chandran, your pay in the post of JE will be fixed only on your posting as JE after completion of training. Until such time, your salary will be claimed only against your post of Tech.III.


             What is the starting basic salary of a ticket collector , and other allowances? what is the nature of duties of a ticket collector?

What promotions can a ticket collector get in hi career and how much time it will take for promotion? What are the benifits of a ticket collector? what are the departmental exams can a ticket collector write ? please give the information sir.




i am working as an ERC in gp 2800 bonus alloted 2 all was 8975 but i got 8179 neihter i was absent nor lwp the reason they r showing is my pay was on handbill in starting .

my serivice period is 1.5 yrs

please clarify what could be the reason.


Fri, 29/11/2013 - 11:38

I am selected as JE/ELEC through LDCE 25% on 10/05/12 in the selected batch there were 4 members the seniority before selection was as 1) me 2)no-2 3) No-3 4)No-4 after selection the seniority was reversed as 4),3),2),1) is this correct as I don't know the marks obtained and My pay was 12760/- before selection then in July 13 my pay was 13150 but after conformation on 01/07/13 I was fixed a basic of 13910/- that is 13500+ 1 increment, is this fixation correct or should it be 12760+1400(difference of grade pay)+425(increment)= 14612 kindly help me.

I am also selected as JE/ TRD/TVC through LDCE25%. Can you help me by giving information about the stipend during training period. Have you any relevant document to show ldce candidate
are equivalent to rrb candidates.
Thanking you

Udayachandran B

Girish Datt

Tue, 19/03/2019 - 12:33

how it can be possible at the time of retire our pay scale 5200-20200-2800 & after 7th pay commission we found new ppo in this our pay scale mention 5200-20200-2000.