Procedure for Sanction of Commuted Leave/Leave on Medical Certificate

  • CGHS/RHS beneficiary should produce Medical certificate / Fit certificate from Medical Officer or a Railway/Government Assistant Medical Officer.
  • If Railway Hospital Doctor visit do not materialises Railway employee covered under it may obtain certificate from Registered Medical Practitioner if leave applied is for 3 days. For more than 3 days he should report to Railway Doctor.
  • Non CGHS/RHS beneficiaries to produce certificate from Assistant Medical Officer. For Non Gazatted Railway Employees if AMO is not available within 8 kms of place of stay leave sanctioning authority may sanction at his discretion leave on production of Registered Medical Practitioner.
  • In case of hospitalisation/ indoor treatment in a recognized private hospital all the Railway employees has to produce Medical certificate / Fit certificate from Assistant Medical Officer of the hospital.
  • If Non Gazatted Railway Employees in exceptional case could not obtain certificate from CGHS/RHS Doctor or Assistant Medical Officerhe may be granted leave on the basis of Medical certificate / Fit certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner.