Promotion to Selection Posts

  • These are posts which have been declared as such by Railway Board.
  • Senior most employee in next lower grade are called to appear in the selection.
  • SC/ST employees are called against reserved vacancies.
  • 3 persons are called for one vacancy.
  • The  selection  for  promotion  to  a  selection  post  shall  be  made  on  the  basis  primarily  of  merits. (Ref 1)
  • For  promotion  to  the  posts  of  Loco  Pilot  (Passenger),  Passenger  Guard  and  Motorman  selection  consist  of  viva-voce  only  to  assess  the  professional  ability  of  the  candidates,  after  passing  the  prescribed  promotional  courses .
  • The  staff  in  the  immediate  lower  grade  with  a  minimum  of  two  years  service  in  that  grade  only  will  be  eligible  for  promotion. (Ref 1)
  • The  Service  for  this  purpose  includes  service rendered  on  ad  hoc  basis  followed  by  regular  service  without  break also.  (Ref 1)
  • The  condition  of  two  years  service  should  be  fulfilled  at  the  time  of  actual  promotion  and  not  necessarily  at  the  stage  of  consideration.  (Ref 1)
  • Marks warded as follows : Professional ability – 50, Record of service – 30 and seniority – 20.
  • For specified posts professional ability is judged by written test – 35 marks and viva – 15 marks.
  • No viva(interview) in departmental selections except for the following categories :  Law assistants, physiotherapists, Telephone operators, teachers , instructors in Zonal training schools, stenographers, chief typists, protocol inspectors, receptionists, publicity/ advertisement inspectors, photographer/cameraman, hostel suptd. (Ref 1)
  • No negative marks for wrong answers in objective type questions.
  • Question papers for written test are to be set to test the ability of candidates to tackle problems likely to face than theoretical knowledge.
  • Promotion as passenger Driver – selection on the basis of viva voce after passing prescribed promotional course and no written exam.
  • For appearing in selection/LDCE for promotions cut-off date for determining eligibility of staff is the issue of notification.
  • Promotion  to  selection  post  shall  be  made  by  the  competent  authority  in  accordance  with  the  recommendations  of  a  Selection  Board consisting  of  not  less  than  three  officers,  one  of  whom  should  be  a  Personnel  Officer  and  one  of  the  Members  should  be  from  a  Department  other  than  that  for  which  selection  is  held.    (Ref 1)
  • Eligible  staff  upto  3  times  the  number  of  staff  to  be  empanelled  will  be  called  for  the  selection.     (Ref 1)
  • Persons  who  have  expressed  their  unwillingness  should  not  be  reckoned  for  determining  the  zone  of  consideration  and  additional  persons  in  lieu  thereof  may  be  called  for  the  selection. (Ref 1)
  • The  assessment  of  vacancies  for  selection  posts  within  the  cadre  will  include  the  existing  vacancies  and  those  anticipated  during  the  course  of  the  next  15  months.    For  selection  for  ex-cadre  posts  actual  vacancies  plus  those  anticipated  in  the  next  two  years  should  be  taken  into  account. (Ref 1).
  • An  officer  of  the  concerned  Department  who  is  also  a  member  of  the  Selection  Board  must  be  authorized  to  set  the  question  paper  for  written  test. (Ref 1)
  • Where  possible  another  officer  of  the  concerned  Department  who  is  also  a  member  of  the  Selection  Board  should  be  nominated  to  evaluate  the  answer  books  (Ref 1)
  • In  the  written  test  to  selections  in  all  Departments  except  Accounts  Department there will be about  50 % objective  type  questions  ( in  the  range  of  45%  to  55%)  of  the  total  marks. (Ref 1)
  • The  question  paper  for  the  written  test  should  have  practical  bias  i.e.  it  should  be  designed  to  test  the  ability  of  the  candidates  to  tackle  the  practical  problems  they  are  likely  to  face  rather  than  their  theoretical  knowledge.(Ref 1)
  • The  Selection  Board  will  examine  the  service  record  and  confidential  reports of  the  staff  eligible.     (Ref 1)
  • Selection  should  be  made  primarily  on  the  basis  of  overall  merit,  taken  into  account  the following: (Ref 1)




Maximum  Marks

Qualifying  Marks


Professional  ability




Record  of  service












  • The  item  'record  of  service'  should  also  take  into consideration the performances  of  the  employee  in  essential  Training  Schools/Institutes apart  from    examining  CRs    and  other  relevant  records.
  • Candidates  must  obtain  a    minimum  of    60%  marks  in  professional  ability and  60%  marks  of  the  aggregate  for  being  placed  on  the  panel.     
  • In  cases  where  both  written  and  oral  tests  are  held  for  adjudging  the  professional  ability,  the  written  test  should  not  be  of  less  than  35%  marks  and  the  candidates  must  secure  60%  marks  in  written  test  for  the  purpose  of  being  called  in  viva-voce  test.   


1. Chapter 2 of Indian  Railway  Establishment  Manual


ashwini kumar panda

Tue, 18/06/2013 - 21:30


i have joined railway  in group D.  now  i am tech-lll in (c&w) mech at bsp dvn.  my qualification is Diploma in ELECTERCAL ENGG.  what are the chances to become JE  by DEPARTIMANTAL QUATA (NOT GDCE)

how many extra marks given to DIPLOMA holders .and is any other banifit for tachnical candidate


Wed, 12/03/2014 - 14:24


i wanted to know how can i stop pension of my mother. she expire a few days back. she use to get regular pension from indian railway till the month of feb.2014. now i want to stop her pension. please guide me what is the procedure for the same.


Mon, 24/03/2014 - 13:16

dear sir,

i am chandrashekhar recently join indian railway as comercial clerk i want know about pramotion further in this post please give information i complet B.E electronics can i go for je in future


Tue, 19/08/2014 - 09:33

Sir i m working as Sr. ALP 2400 GP. i promoted from ALP to Sr ALP on 2006. i also cancel my name from LP(G) promotional course. So sir m i eligible for MACP. if yes then which scale...please solve my problems..its urgent


Fri, 22/08/2014 - 15:48

Dear sir
I am working as a trackman in engg department. But i completed and i want to work as a clerk post.
how to i become a clerk please help me.

Respected sir / madam,

 I am working as tech 3 o/o tld/bza, recently  i was applied post of Staff & welfare inspector , i am not yet get syllabus any where in vijayawada , so please kindly give the information where it is available , please help me ,,,


palash bagchi

Fri, 24/07/2015 - 22:38


     I am palash bagchi has been employed as Trainee skilled artisan in c & w workshop, liluah. i have completed LL.B. degree course. can i be able to give departmental examination of law assistant,welfare inspector or any other legal advisory post.please reply.


Sun, 20/09/2015 - 20:46

I appont. as group D in 20I5
I promoted in gr-3 in march 2011 then basic pay 8130₹ as group -D after promotion my basic pay 8480₹
Again I promoted in gr-ll in December2014 after that my basic pay from jan2015 is 10140₹
Sir plz calculate my right basic pay


Fri, 18/12/2015 - 17:47

Dear Sir.

                Myself Anand I would like to know authorized person to promote track maintainer ,weather it is ADEN or DPO. So please help me with this problem......


Mon, 11/12/2017 - 16:40

I have been selected as j.e in bridge department in central railway.i joined in January 2017 and my training period is 2 year and I am getting stipend of grade pay 2800 instead of 4200. There will be one increment in January 2018. 

I want to know that when I will be  posted after training completion I will get initial pay of 4200 grade pay or I will get pay with 2 increment.

Please reply. Thanks


Tue, 23/07/2019 - 01:59


I request you to please Share all the details of the Post ADME(AME), how we get promoted from ALP 


Exam Pattern

Grade Pay

Work Profile

Competition and Who can apply in Details