Provident Fund - Final Withdrawal

  • Final Withdrawal from Provident Fund is permitted only for Railway employees with 15 years service including broken periods.

On medical Grounds

  • Eligible for the employee himself or his/her family members, dependant person, minor brother, unmarried sister or widowed sister.
  • Amount – 3 months pay or 50% of amount at credit of the Railway employee whichever is less. The limit can be relaxed in special cases, but not to exceed 3/4th of credit.


  • For  Marriage/Betrothal of Railway employee or his children, dependant person, minor brother, unmarried sister or widowed sister.
  • Amount – 3 months pay in case of marriage/betrothal of male and 6 months in case of female. In special case it can be 6 and 10 months of pay respectively.
  • If amount at credit is less than Rs. 10000/-, 90% of amount is permissible.
  • In special case the 10 months limit may be relaxed keeping in view the status of the subscriber and amount at credit but in no cases more than 15 months.
  • Marriage and betrothal will be separate occasions for sanction of withdrawal.


  • This advance is permitted for the education of dependant of a Railway staff beyond high school stage.
  • Withdrawal is permissible once in every 6 months or twice in a Financial year.
  • 3 months emoluments for education abroad and 1 1/2 months emoluments for education in India (upto maximum 50%  of amount at credit of the employee). This limit may be relaxed but not to exceed ¾ of the amount at credit.

House Building

  • Railway employees are permitted final withdrawal from Provident Fund for building/acquiring a house/flat for residential purposes including cost of site or for repayment of loan taken for this purpose.
  • Withdrawal amount shall not exceed the amount at the credit of the staff or actual cost of house including the cost of land/repayment of loan whichever is less.
  • In no case the sum withdrawn together with amount of advance taken from Ministry of Urban.
  • Development or assistance taken from government sources shall not exceed the maximum limit prescribed.
  • In case of construction of house withdrawal may be permitted in equal installments not less than two.
  • In case of co-operative societies withdrawal is permissible as and when demanded by the society.

Site of house

  • For purchasing a plot/site for construction of house one half the amount at credit or actual cost of house whichever is less.
  • Reconstruction/renovation/Alteration and upkeep of ancestral house or flat built/acquired at a place other than place of duty
  • Amount - The actual cost or Rs.10000/- whichever is less.
  • Second withdrawal is allowed provided total of both shall not exceed amount at credit at the time of first withdrawal.

Booking of Motor Car

  • Amount: Upto Rs.10000/- or 50% of amount at credit or actual cost of registration whichever is less. The amount of advance shall be taken into account for determining the overall ceiling for withdrawal.

Booking of Car/Motor Cycle/Scooter/Moped

  • Amount : Upto Rs.500/- or 50% of amount at credit or actual cost of registration whichever is less. The amount of advance shall be taken into account for determining the overall ceiling for withdrawal.

Purchase of Car

  • Amount: Upto Rs.110000/- . The amount of withdrawal plus withdrawal for booking should not exceed  50% of amount at creditor actual price of car whichever is less.

Repair to car

  • For overhauling of car once in the service of a Railway Employee.
  • The employee should have completed 28 years of service or has less than 3 years to attain superannuation.
  • Rs.10000 or 1/3rd of amount at credit or the actual cost of repair of the car whichever is less.

Acquisition of Farm Land/business premises.

  • Within 1 year of retirement.
  • Actual cost of land/premises.

Purchase of Consumer durables

  • For purchasing  consumer durables like TV/VCR/VCP/Washing machine/Cooking Range/Geyser/Computer/Refrigerator.
  • Amount not exceeding 6 months pay of the railway staff or half the amount at credit.

Funeral Expense :

  • Amount : Rs.500/- 


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M VIJAY KUMAR (not verified)

Wed, 22/08/2012 - 19:42

Sir, please send my pf balance               my pf no.  812/908-70440                                                                                   

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rajan (not verified)

Thu, 30/08/2012 - 16:04

my father is ALIVE (age 78 years).I have  done 16 years of service. i want provident fund(Final withdrawal) for the marriage of my dependent niece.  can i got or not ? & how much i got in special case ?

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dadi eswara rao (not verified)

Sun, 09/09/2012 - 10:59

Sir i have completed 4 yrs service as s assistant loco pilot. I would like to apply loan for my brother' marriage please let me how much amount am i eligible. My father is alive and my brother is major.


In one of the zonal railway, personal branch is not even accepting the PF withdrawal form in the absence of sanction by competent authority for purchasing the apartment. As booking amount is to be paid immediately after finalizing the deal with the builder, it was tried to get some amount from PF balances but CPO of the railway did not agree and waiting for sanction of competent authority for purchase of the apartment. How far CPO is correct in handling the issue?  

As any other Railway Employee CPO is bound by the Railway Manuals and Codes. But as the Manuals and codes cannot possibly clarify on each and every detail of Railway working that comes across each officers are given powers to decide on various matters. These are based on Raiway Board instructions and further Zonal Railways divide the power of GM by the order of Delegation of Powers.


I have been selected (from Tech Gr-I) for JE through 25% LDCE quota and i have to undergo training for a period of 1 year, as per vacancies i am eligible for Sr,Technician(MCM). Before or during my training period should i be absorbed as Sr,Technician(MCM) or not,

I joined Railway in 2007 and resigned from railway in 2009 on personal ground. Can I withdraw my PF savings. Pls. suggest the procedure  Pls note that.MY pran acount was not opened till date but my contribution and employer contribution was deposited in my PF acount.