Railway staff Provident Fund Rules

  • For Railway employees who are posted on or after 01.01.2004 Provident Fund rules are not applicable.
  • Railway employee contributes 8.5% of Pay + GP to State Railway Provident Fund Account.
  • The account is maintained by Accounts Department. Each PF account is allotted a specific number.
  • Voluntary Contribution to PF (VPF) can be made from the salary of a Railway staff subject to the maximum limit that the amount should not be more than the amount remaining after recoveries.
  • VPF amount may be reduced once a year and may be enhanced twice a year.
  • Each account holder is given a statement indicating balance at the beginning of the year, his contributions, interest, withdrawal etc.
  • Nomination – Every Railway employee should make a nomination at his discretion for distributing amount at his credit. Nomination may be canceled or modified at any time.
  • Competent authority sanctioning part/final withdrawal of PF may sanction upto 90% of the amount at credit in case applied within 12 months of (before) retirement/superannuation without assigning any reason.
  • Marriage advance shall be permitted within 3 months earlier to the date of marriage. The railway staff shall furnish a certificate that the money has been utilized for the purpose for which it has been drawn within one month of marriage.
  • The amount in PF account can be withdrawn by the Employee on various occasions. It can be Temporary(to be recovered later in installments) or final (no recovery).

Rate of Interest on SRPF

Effective Dates

Interest Rates



























Interest on PF is completely tax free.

Competent authority to sanction withdrawal

  • GM in case of officers in Zonal Railway/Production Units. CPO may exercise the power in respect of Gazetted officers.
  • Sr. Scale/Assistant/Group B officers in respect of Group C employees.
  • Assistant officer/Group B officers/APO in respect of Group D Railway staff.


1. Railway Board letter No. F(E)III/2003/PF1/1 dated 25.04.2013(RBE 37/2013)


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49 years 6 months

RADHAKRISHNAN (not verified)

Tue, 28/08/2012 - 07:02

Respected seniors,

My father has passed away on 15 th,August ,2012. Please let me know what are the procedures to transfer PENSION to my mother and how soon it should be done.


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49 years 6 months

Bhargav Kumar (not verified)

Tue, 18/09/2012 - 10:29

Respected sir,

My grandfather died on 1979 while working as a railway servant and his widowed daughter(my father's sister) did not get any pension until now, she is living as a coolie, but my father got job in compassionate grounds recently my father also died on whom she was dependent.

I would like to know whether she will get any pension or not.  And how to get the records of my grandfather since we do not have any records of him.  Please guide me.

R.K sir,


Thank you very much for your advise, Sir please tell me whom to meet in DRM's office and what I required to submit there for collecting my grandfather's records.  Is RTI act useful in this matter.  Sir please guide me.  This can help my grandfather's daughter (my paternal aunt) who is suffering with multiple health problems. 

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49 years 6 months

Bhargav Kumar (not verified)

Tue, 25/09/2012 - 11:11

In reply to by Tapan

Sir, i do not have any proper  details of my grandfather i just know the date of his death on railway track on duty.  will still RTI act can help me in this matter.


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49 years 6 months

Bhargav Kumar (not verified)

Tue, 25/09/2012 - 11:11

In reply to by Tapan

Sir, i do not have any proper  details of my grandfather i just know the date of his death on railway track on duty.  will still RTI act can help me in this matter.


She is eligible for family pension of your grand father. You may get required information both in Personnel Branch and Accounts office of the division where your grand father had worked and retired.

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Veera (not verified)

Thu, 27/09/2012 - 23:01

Hi, My father is working as Points Man in MAS. We would like to know his PF Balance. We have his PF Number. But we need Establishment Code to check the balance. Kindly let me know what would be the establishment code. He is working is STM, MAS.


Establishment Code means not any code number as you are thinking. It is a book containing rules on various service matters. To know PF balance, you can ask your father or you may see his pay slip in which the PF balance of the employee is shown (S.C.Railway has provided this facility to its employees). Otherwise you may get this information in PF section of Sr.DFM's Office/MAS.

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49 years 6 months

Tapan Bhattacharjee (not verified)

Sun, 30/09/2012 - 12:14

I joined at ER Railxay DHN Divison form 1991.after 10+years i transferd DHN-SDAH Divison (i.e 30 september2001).at present my current PF balance is not showing properly in salery slip. Anybody can help me.

Bhuvnesh Agrawal

Fri, 07/12/2012 - 11:06


Kindly clarify Rule 925 (1) for PF withdrawals . I have booked flat on construction linked plan from a private builder. However the administration has refused for withdrawal stating that the rules provide only for purchase from DDA, State housing bodies, Cooopearatives & IRWO. Kindly clarify whether the rule is really so strict or there are ammendments clarifications or it isa wron interpretation by SR/Finance . The same is being accepted in many Railways. Also the majority of flat purchases are from private builders these days.



shafiq khan

Thu, 17/04/2014 - 02:48

Sir, I joined allahabad(ncr) railway dt. 04.01.2003 and want to take loan from my pf account. Kindly tell me in special case
how much money i can take loan for my unmarried sister dependent totally on me


Thu, 16/10/2014 - 16:42

Dear Sir

            i have applied for SE post in RRB Kolkata .my stream is mechanical

           i want to know that the technical syllabus of question paper will only from mechanical 

           or entire stream(civil,electrical,electronics etc).please suggest me.


           THANKS & REGARDS