Recruitment to Group C Services

 Recruitment to Group C Services(By RBBs)

  • Made through Railway Recruitment Boards (RRB).
  • Panel formed by RRB after selection is forwarded to the Zonal Railway concerned.
  • The panel is valid for a year which can be extended by CPO.
  • Candidates have to pass the prescribed medical examination.
  • All appointments are made on probation for two year. For trainees/apprentices appointed to a working post after conclusion of their prescribed training, probation period commences on date of such appointment. (Ref 1)
  • It is obligatory for all trainees to pass a simple test in Hindi.

Recruitment to Group C Services (Selection)

  • Staff having 3 years of service can appear for selection test.
  • Successful candidates shall be placed in the order of merit except those who have obtained more than 80%  of marks(classified as Outstanding).


1.       Rule 104 Of Indian  Railway  Establishment  Manual


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Can you tell me please how to check joining letter and how its looks like?? Because i am selected as a T.C. in group C . SO CAN U TELL ME??