Transport Allowance(TPA)

  • Transport Allowance (TPA) is paid to Railway staff to compensate the cost of commuting between place of residence and place of duty.
  • It is admissible to all Railway Employees who don’t have government travelling facilities/official vehicles at the following rates:

Grade Pay

Rate of Transport Allowance per month

In selected cities*

Other places

5400 and above

Rs. 3220 + DA

Rs. 1600 + DA

(i)4200, 4600, 4800

(ii)GP below 4200, but drawing Pay in pay band Rs. 7440 and above

Rs. 1600 + DA

Rs. 800 + DA

GP below 4200 and Pay in Pay Band 7440

Rs. 600 + DA

Rs. 400 + DA

*Hyderabad [UA], Delhi [UA], Bangalore [UA], Greater Mumbai [UA], Chennai [UA], Kolkata [UA], Admedabad [UA], Surat [UA], Nagpur [UA], Pune  [UA], Jaipur [UA] Lucknow  [UA], and Kanpur [UA].

  • Transport Allowance is paid irrespective of whether official accommodation within one kilometer of office or not.
  • The blind or orthopaedically handicapped employees shall continue to draw this allowance at double the normal rates, which shall, in no case, be less than Rs.1000/- per month plus the applicable rate of dearness allowance. 
  • Physically handicapped casual labourers having temporary status are also entitled to Transport Allowance at double the normal rates.
  • The allowance shall not be admissible to those employees who have been provided with the facility of Government transport.  
  • In respect of those employees who opt to retain their pre-revised scales of pay, the corresponding Grade Pay  of the pay scale/corresponding pay scale of the post occupied on 01.01.2006 as  indicated in Railway Services [Revised Pay] Rules, 2008 would determine the allowance under these orders. 
  • Officers drawing grade pay of Rs.10,000 & Rs.12,000 and those in the HAG+ scale who are entitled to the use of official car in terms of Board’s letter No. E[G]95AL4-9 dated 06.11.1995 shall be given the option to avail themselves of the existing facility or to draw the Transport Allowance at the rate of Rs.7000/- p.m. plus dearness allowance thereon. Grant of both the benefits viz Transport Allowance and earmarked vehicle is not admissible to any officer.
  • Transport allowance be made admissible to those railway employees who are already availing the RCP facility,  but no further railway or section will be added to the ambit of Residential Card Passes in future.
  • In the case of the employees presently availing of the facility of workmen trains, an option is to be given to the employees as a group to either avail themselves of the existing facility or to switch over to the payment of transport allowance as admissible under these orders.
  • Women employees granted CCL for more than 30 days will not be eligible for Transport Allowance. When such period of absence falls into two different calendar months (including prefixing and suffixing holidays), Transport Allowance is to be given on pro-rata basis.