Dear Sir

Submitted by Bhargav Kumar on Wed, 20/02/2013 - 10:01

My father passed away in 2009 due to some reasons we went to CAT and now railway agreed to give considered my father while in service we got a order from them, my doubt is my brother is 20 years old according to his study certificates where as he does not have birth certificate when my father died in 2009 hence he is eligible for pension from 2009 to till now as you know and we are seeking appointment on CG grounds from him. (my mother also passed away long back, i crossed 25 and he is the only eligible person for pension)

I want to know whether he will get pension for the past 3 years or not, if he gets pension until what time, until he joins the duty on CG grounds or until he applies for CG.


one more thing sir, we want to take the retirement benefits first and then we want to apply for CG is it possible, in welfare section, if so what to do for it, please give me clear information sir.