does 7 th pay commission is applicable to the persons who are ging to retire on feb 2016 .

Submitted by mulla on Sun, 05/10/2014 - 14:39

hello sir,

         My father's actual retirement date is  february 2016. Now  he is in such a condition that he can't able to continue his service,he is paralyzed. from september 2014  month he is not getting his salary also. he dont have LAP and LHAP.  

       i want to know whether if my father continue in sick ,i mean in loss of pay upto february 2016 . does he is eligible for 7th pay commission?  

we dont understand waht to do?

whether if we opt for loss of pay upto feb 2016  we will get good benefits of 7 th pay commission?  

else if we opt for voluntary retirement is it good?


please give good advice to me. 

thanks in advance.

if you know any rules of PRC  rules IN THIS TYPE of condition employees ,

please send me the information to this email id : [email protected]

if want to share any information you can give you ph no to my mail id ,i wil cal u back